Bridal trends keep changing with every passing season. Just like the lehenga colors, the trends around bridal dupattas are also amongst the things that often evolve. While many brides stick to the classic single dupattas on their D-day, there are a few brides who love to experiment with the on-going double dupatta trend. If you are also planning on trying out double dupatta on your wedding day, then ShaadiWish brings you a detailed guide of things to remember and avoid along with ways of how you can style double dupatta.

Double Dupatta Trend 101- Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Styling Your Bridal Look:

Things To Remember While Opting For The Double Dupatta Trend

1. Weight

Remember when styling double dupatta, that the lighter dupatta should be for your head as a veil. This is comfortable and easy to maneuver because the weight you would be carrying on your head for prolonged hours throughout your wedding. If you have a reception immediately, then you can instantly ditch the head dupatta and feel a lot lighter to enjoy the reception hassle-free.

2. Fabric

If you plan on opting for a double dupatta for your head, then it is important to pick a lighter fabric like net, chiffon, tissue or organza to ensure maximum comfort.

Here’s a detailed guide of double dupatta Vs single dupatta!

3. Pin It Well

Make sure that both dupattas are firmly placed and pinned well so that they do not fall or become loose as and when you move around or dance. However, it should not restrict your movements because if it isn’t firm, it will simply keep dropping and you will have to handle it time and again.

4. Color & Styling It Right

The decision to wear double dupattas with your bridal lehenga also comes with the responsibility of deciding on the color combination of the dupattas. It is the best way either to break the monotony of the color or to add a muted tone to stay in sync.

5. Color Combinations

Make sure you know how to color coordinate the dupattas else it will turn into a badly styled look.

  • When you are wearing a multi-coloured lehenga, choose a dupatta color that exists in your outfit. Do not add another shade to it. Doing so will make it look chaotic.
  • If you opt for a light colored floral lehenga, then you can pick a pink dupatta with it, because let us accept it – pink and florals are a combination that is made in heaven. For other colored lehengas, you can go for sheer dupattas with floral zari borders. That will finish your outfit perfectly.
  • Brides wearing monotone lehengas should go for an ombre dupatta. For instance, if you are wearing a dark red or maroon lehenga, pick a blush pink dupatta to go with it. Pastel colored dupattas look great with dark colored lehengas, so you can mix and match according to what goes best with your lehenga.
  • If you are wearing a golden lehenga, go for the classic dark hues that can compliment the gold; such as maroon, royal blue, emerald green, or even purple. If you want a muted look, then opt for a sheer golden dupatta itself.
Mili Kanabar Ghosh

Moreover, these bridal dupattas with fringe add that traditional elegance

10 Ways To Style Double Dupatta

Here are a few pictures of real brides who opted for various ways of jumping onto the double dupatta trend.

This is the classic Gujarati pallu style with a flowing dupatta that is trending off-late.

Everything You Need To Know About The Double Dupatta Trend
Dipak Studios

Even Parineeti Chopra’s bridal look had double dupatta. She opted for a ‘U’ pleated dupatta in the front, while the second dupatta fell from her head as a trail.

House On The Clouds

Look at this stunning one! With a single dupatta matching the lehenga is pleated over the shoulders, the contrasting muted tone dupatta flows down the shoulder, isn’t it stunning?

Everything You Need To Know About The Double Dupatta Trend

Ditch the pleats and let it flow. Let both the dupattas flow as you slay the double dupatta trend!

A classic and one of the most common ways to style a double dupatta is to pleat it on the shoulder, while the second dupatta drops down your head.

Everything You Need To Know About The Double Dupatta Trend

Another wonderful way to style your wedding lehenga is by draping the dupatta in Patiala style. It is a modification in the ‘U’ style dupatta with keeping the other end flowing, while the second dupatta is over the head.

You can also try this ‘V’ style version of the double dupatta trend.

Everything You Need To Know About The Double Dupatta Trend

If you are looking for creative double dupatta draping styles for brides, opt for this one. You can tuck the heavily embroidered dupatta on your waist with a stylish lehenga belt. Place the sheer dupatta on your head and add an oomph factor to your bridal look.

Pick two types of dupatta fabrics to add a touch of grandeur. Velvet being one of the most opted for in such styles and is usually paired with net, chiffon, or organza.

Everything You Need To Know About The Double Dupatta Trend
The Wedding Salad

Drape it like a saree and slay!


Also, check out these gorgeous bridal lehenga with double dupatta.

Here’s When To Avoid Double Dupatta

While double dupatta trend is catching up faster than wildfire, there are a few times when you should really avoid opting for it –

  • It is better to avoid wearing a second dupatta if your lehenga already has two colors on it.
  • If you have 2 colors on your lehenga, while a contrasting blouse, then it’s best to avoid a double dupatta as it will add a lot of confusion to your look.
  • Keep it simple, if you’re a minimalist bride, you’re better off without the second dupatta. Don’t follow the trend just for the sake of it!
  • If you’re getting married in the summer, you know it’s going to be hot and humid. So, it is best to ditch the double dupatta trend as it just adds another extra layer of fabric.
Everything You Need To Know About The Double Dupatta Trend
Paran Singh Photography
Everything You Need To Know About The Double Dupatta Trend
Jag Photo Studios

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