Bridal dupattas are not given much importance but trust us they can make or break your bridal attire. We have created a full guide on bridal dupattas and you must note down each and every point that we are going to tell you. Carrying the right dupatta in the right manner can enhance your bridal look and make you look even more regal and stunning.

We are absolutely stunned by the way brides are revamping their dupatta styles and we completely adore them. And what better than this quarantine period to guide all brides-to-be about their lehenga dupatta so that they can rock their bridal look. So, sit back now and read this amazing dupatta guide.

Enhance Your Bridal Look By Following This Guide For Bridal Dupattas –

1. Types Of Bridal Dupattas

Scalloped dupattas are the new trend and they look stunning too. Don’t you agree? 

bridal dupattas

Image Source: Artfoto Studios

Dupattas with jaal designs add more elegance to your look and makes the bride look royal in every way.

bridal attire

Image Source: Safarsaga

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Ombre dupatta designs are making their way and brides are totally opting for it by ditching the cliche dupattas.

ombre dupatta ideas

Image Source: Tarun Tahiliani

For those brides who have always wished for a simple yet classy look, borderless dupatta designs will take away your heart.

bridal veils

Image Source: Shreya Sen Photography

Banarasi dupattas for your regal look. These surely add more charm to a bride’s attire.

banarasi outfit ideas

Image Source: Naman Verma

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2. How To Style Your Lehenga Dupatta?

You literally need to plan out your dupatta style before your wedding, you obviously don’t want to get confused on your big day. So, look at dupatta draping styles that we found for you.

A) The first thing that comes to your mind is whether you want to carry a single dupatta or double dupatta. It is undoubtedly a tough choice. You must choose a single dupatta if you don’t want your bridal look to be OTT and full of colors.

bridal dupattas

Image Source: Brides Of Sabyasachi

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Always carry a double dupatta if one of your dupatta is too heavy to be carried on your head. Also, if you want to add colors to your bridal look, having contrasting dupattas is just the right choice.

bridal saree ideas

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B) Now, another way of styling your dupatta is to pin them with the belt on the lehenga. Having the dupatta pinned inside the belt makes it easy for brides to carry and there is no tension of handling it.

lehenga with belt

Image Source: Delhi Velvet

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C) Don’t want to carry a dupatta on your head? It’s totally fine, these brides didn’t have dupatta on their head and they nailed their looks.

bridal dupattas

Image Source: You By Poonam Kotecha

3. How To Choose Your Dupatta?

Choosing the right bridal dupatta is the most important and tough choice while selecting your d-day outfit.  Keep these points in mind while selecting your dupatta.

A) If you are thinking of carrying double dupattas, then the length of your dupatta should be shorter otherwise it might get stuck while you are walking.

double dupatta draping ideas

Image Source: Reels And Frames

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B) You might not notice this but more than your lehenga skirt, your bridal dupatta is shown in your pictures. So, choose a color that suits your face and looks good on you.

C) We advise you to always get a lighter dupatta made for your head if you have a heavy one with a lehenga because it will be really tough for you to carry the heavy one pinned on your head.

bridal red lehenga

Image Source: Rishikesh Bhambure Photography

D) Choose for some really gorgeous cut out dupatta borders to make your bridal look more appealing.

bridal dupattas

Image Source: House On The Clouds

E) Take contrasting dupattas if you have opted for a monochrome lehenga to add colors to your attire.

contrasting dupatta ideas

Image Source: Sutej Pannu

We think that this guide of bridal dupattas will make you have a gorgeous one and you must surely keep these things in mind while you are choosing yours. Brides usually pay attention to their lehenga skirt and often forget how important a dupatta is for your bridal look. Have any more ideas on carrying dupatta? Let us know in  the comment section below.

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