Bridal dupattas with fringe are all the rage with brides who love to add old-school aesthetics to their bridal look. Recently we’ve seen many brides incorporating fringe dupattas into their wedding looks. And it sure does adds a beautiful traditional touch to their bridal aesthetic. From Indian beauties to Pakistani begums, brides everywhere are hopping on the fringe dupatta trend. And we’ve seen brides mixing the old-world charm of fringe dupattas with their modern wedding outfits. Bridal dupattas can make or break your wedding OOTDs if you don’t select the right kind. But fret not we’re here to give you some pointers that’ll not only help but also inspire you. 

Steal Oodles Of Inspiration From These Brides Rocking Bridal Dupattas With Fringe-

1. Brides That Added A #Throwback Moment With Their Fringe Dupattas

We’ve all seen a fringe dupatta in our mother’s closet, haven’t we? Many traditional wears featured gold fringes in them. While they might not have been trendy for a lot of us when we were kids, they are definitely grabbing our attention now. And these brides decided to add their mother’s fringe dupattas to their wedding wardrobe as an ode to her love. Moreover, it added that good ol’ classic touch to their outfits as well. 

bride wearing mother's dupatta

Hitched & Clicked

traditional bridal dupatta

Through The Barrel

2. Millennial Brides Blending It Right

Since bridal dupattas with fringe are trendy, these bridal outfits included them beautifully. The vintage aesthetic of the gold fringes did not overpower the contemporary fashion of their bridal outfits. And we love to see it!

bridal dupattas

Amrit Photography

Stunning Bridal dupatta

Reminiscence Photography

Brownie points to bride Jess wearing a chic baby blue outfit and contrasting her look with a red dupatta.

contrasting fringe dupatta

Jess Singh

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3. Acing The Dupattas With Minimalism

We just loved how these brides styled their dupattas with fringes while still keeping their look minimal. While the dupatta accentuated their look, it did not overpower their style as a whole. Also, designer Mani K Jassal incorporated a fringe dupatta in her bridal outfit and nailed the balance with modern designs. 

designer dupattas with fringe

Mani K Jassal

muslim bridal outfit

Aiza Naeem

red bridal lehenga

Art Capture Production

bridal dupattas with fringe

Kunal Khurana Photography

We especially loved the bride’s traditional look with the dupatta and the jewelry. 

traditional dupatta with fringes

Sutej Pannu

Learn stylish and modern ways to drape bridal dupattas

4. Bridal Dupattas With Fringe That We Love

It’s all about the little details that make a huge impact. And these brides were all about the details. From jewelry to their dupatta designs, these brides balanced it all out beautifully. We love when brides who maximalism go all out and serve us with some ‘WOW’ looks. Like styling a double dupatta with fringes or heavy jewelry. 

double dupatta with fringe

Mehar Photography

bridal portrait

Razz Films & Photography

OTT bridal dupatta design

Sunny Dhiman Photography

Fringe dupatta

Freedom Studios

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Well, these brides have surely made us fall in love with the whole vintage bridal aesthetics. What about you? Do tell us in the comments. 

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