A wedding lehenga is always the talk of the town when it comes to your bridal look. Everyone’s eyes are on your ‘wedding look’. And that’s why the Indian brides make such a big deal out of their ‘Shaadi ka lehenga’. You could buy the most beautiful lehenga and pair it with the most beautiful piece of jewelry, but it’s all about getting the styling right. If you don’t know how to style a lehenga the right way, it could all go south real quick! But that’s what we’re here for, to help you with everything that you need to know.

Read All The Dos And Don’ts On How To Style A Lehenga & Ace Your Wedding Look-

1. Shopping

It’s the digital age, and we’re all guilty of being addicted to online shopping. However, when it comes to wedding shopping, browsing online images of lehengas won’t be enough. After all, looks can be deceiving. So unless there’s no other choice, always shop for your lehenga in person. Because a lehenga is bound to look good on a model who’s been dolled up perfectly for advertising purposes. You should always check the lehenga you’re buying in person, that way you’ll get an idea of what alterations will be needed or how heavy the fabric is. This will also help you get to know the seamstress who can guide you through your alteration process.

Bridal Lehenga Shopping

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2. Understanding The Undergarment 

While lehenga blouses are mostly padded nowadays, but if you’re busty and want to opt for a non-padded blouse, then getting the right bra is crucial. Make sure to let your tailor or seamstress know about your blouse design and ensure that you have strap holders placed inside. They will help avoid any kind of wardrobe malfunction.

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3. Mind The Shape 

Coming to the lehenga shape, it is very important to opt for the right lehenga shape for your body type. From fish cuts to A-line lehengas, every style has its own grace. So it all comes down to choosing the right lehenga according to your body type. It is necessary to go with a lehenga style that compliments your body and makes you comfortable.

How To Style A Lehenga

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4. Getting The Measurements Right

Ladies, we can’t stress enough that you need to get your measurements right if you wish to rock your bridal/wedding look. Always inform your seamstress/tailor/designer about your weight goals if you’re planning to lose or gain weight before the day of the event. That will give them a chance to leave room for last-minute alterations. And be smart, don’t suck your belly in while getting your measurements done. It will only benefit you in the future.

bridal Lehenga Style

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5. Accessorizing

While lehenga IS your main focus for getting the best look for the day, accessorizing is equally important. Your jewelry shopping shouldn’t be left until the last minute. Once you’ve zeroed in on the lehenga, it’s time to start sorting your jewelleries. If you’re going to a wedding as a guest or bridesmaid, opt for dainty and quirky pieces of jewelry. In case you’re the bride, then don’t overdo it with your jewelry either. If your lehenga has heavy embroidery work over it, keep your jewelry light, and vice-versa in case you have a lightweight lehenga. It’s all about striking the balance.

Accessorising Jewellery

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6. Getting The Right Height

We’re all big fans of long lehenga trails and veils. So, if you’re planning on getting a lehenga with a long trail or veil, then you need to consider the height factor. If you’re a tall person who will be ditching the heels, then make sure your lehenga length is just enough to graze the ground. And if you’re short in height and plan on wearing heels, then consider how long will your heel be. Only then get the hems altered. And don’t forget to try on the lehenga with your footwear before finalizing the hem length.

how to style a lehenga (2)

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7. The Dupatta Drama

We’re not sure about y’all, but we surely think that dupattas are a piece of work. It’s not easy gracefully handling all that lehenga, jewelry, and the dupatta in mint condition throughout the night. The first thing to do is pin-up your dupattas to your blouse and to the lehenga. And if you’re styling the dupatta over your head, then secure it well enough, else it will take down your hairstyle along with itself.

bridal dupatta

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8. Blouse Blues

A lehenga blouse is also a very important element in the lehenga styling process. If you want to know how to style a lehenga correctly, you need to get the blouse right as well. It’s not just about the fitting but also about the neckline and sleeve length. If you prefer deep plunge neck blouses, then make sure it doesn’t get too deep while you’re seated. Also, be mindful of the sleeve length. A long or short blouse sleeve should complement your lehenga. Consult your friends or mother for suggestions and opinions.

blouse styling

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