Every bride wants to look her best in her bridal lehenga. To look her best, she gets into a fitness regime to lose those extra pounds. But one thing that remains constant is your body type, i.e, the shape of your body.

Bridal lehenga is considered to be a generic term as there is no one type of lehenga that fits everyone. There are various styles, cuts, embellishments that suit different body type and there’s a way to dress up intelligently to highlight your best features.

Bridal lehenga shopping is the most crucial and exciting time for every bride. Choosing a bridal outfit that compliments your body type is most important. To do that, one should know what kind of a body type they have and what will look good on them.

Here is the guide to help you find the perfect bridal lehenga according to your body type

Bridal Lehenga for Hourglass or X-Shaped Body

body type, hourglass

bridal lehenga, body type

Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

If you have a narrow waist and are curvy around the hips and bust, then congratulations you have an hourglass body.  You can wear any silhouette or drape you wish to and you are free to experiment with your style. From a short blouse to a heavy embroidery lehenga with full ghera, anything you want. So don’t hold back, you are probably the only body shape that can wear any combination under the sun.

Bridal Lehenga for Rectangle or H-Shaped Body

body type, rectangle shape

bridal lehenga, body type

Image Source: Mahima Bhatia Photography

If you have hips and bust at the same width and little definition to your waist, then you have a rectangle or H shaped body. Since, it is difficult to have curves in this body type, you would want your bridal lehenga to add some curves instead. A wide lehenga made of stiff fabric to add volume at the bottom. A blouse with a plunging neckline will help you create the illusion of curves, will suit you best. 

For Pear or Bottom Heavy Body

body type, pear shape

bridal lehenga, body type

Image Source: Snap Soul India

If your hips and thighs are the ones that attract the attention, your waist is defined but is less prominent than your lower body. If you have narrow shoulders and bust, then you have a pear or bottom heavy body type. It is best that you avoid body hugging silhouettes and pick a lightweight fabric. Don’t add too much volume to it. Take advantage of your defined waist and wear your bridal lehenga low below the navel. Balance your curves by wearing your blouse with details. Opt for styles like cape or high necks.  

For Apple or Top-Heavy Body

body type, apple shape

bridal lehenga, body type

Image Source: Delhi Velvet

If you carry weight around your middle section and chest.  If you feel that your back and rib cage are wide and it is little or no definition on your waist then you have an apple or top-heavy body type. You should go for a heavy embroidered or embellished lehenga. Try and keep your blouse low with a U or V cut from the hem to give a balanced look to your lehenga.

There are so many options for bridal lehengas. Choices of colour combinations, embroidery, and embellishments to choose from that compliment your body type best. Browse through different styles and options of for lehengas and blouses for inspiration and remember that whatever you choose, don’t forget to rock it dive style.

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