No matter how annoying we may find bras, we can’t do without them when it comes to nailing the right outfit. There are a lot of different types of bras to choose from, but it’s important to choose the right one that fits you and suits you as well. Whether you’re a young teen still learning to adjust to the strappy bands or a bride-to-be who needs to find the perfect bra for her lingerie collection, we’ve got you covered. We know how overwhelming different types of bra styles can be, so let us handle this for you.

Check Out The Different Types of Bras And How You Can Style Them-

1. Halter Neck Bra

Halter neck bra

Halter neck bras come in handy when you’re opting for a backless or strapless outfit and want some fun neckline element. These types of bras go around your neck and substitute the shoulder straps. Also if you’re someone who hates dealing with shoulder straps or someone whose bra straps keep sliding off their shoulders, halter neck bras are the way to go.

Style tip- You can style halter neck bras as saree blouses if you want your saree blouse to be backless. A chic pair of halter neck bras can even be worn as crop tops over lehengas.

2. Strapless Bra

Strapless types of bras

Strapless bras are just what the name suggests, they come without the straps. These bras are usually worn under off-shoulder dresses or under strapless dresses. They eliminate those stingy straps that can ruin your whole outfit.

Style tip- If you’re styling your lehenga or saree with a slim strapped blouse then strapless bras can be your saviors.

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3. Lace Bra

Lace Bra

Lace bras have lacey detailings around and over the cups. They come in different variants like push-ups, full cups, and demi cups. Lace bras are known to be very sexy and sensuous kinds of bras and you can wear them for a cute date night or even for a girls’ day out. The delicate laces and designs will give a confidence boost for sure.

Style tip- Style your lace bras under a classy informal shirt with skinny jeans along with chic sandals, and look like the stunning boss lady that you are.

4. T-shirt Bras

T-shirt bra

Let’s start with the fact that t-shirt bras are a staple and everyone must own one. T-shirt bras are just seamless padded bras that should be worn under body-hugging dresses or tees. Basically, t-shirt bras are bras that do not give any kind of outline or odd bra shapes over your t-shirts or dresses. 

Style tip- Pair your t-shirt bras with a well-fitted tee or crop-top along with a pair of boyfriend jeans and viola! 

5. Seamless U-Plunge Bra

Seamless U-Plunge Types of bras

Plunge bras or U-plunge bras are basically the kinds of bras that have got a low U-shaped cut around the cleavage area. Plunge bras are helpful when you’re wearing a low neck outfit, it could be a dress, a blouse, a shirt, or a top. It eliminates the cleavage coverage of the bra and gives a bra-free look to the whole outfit.

Style tip- Wear your plunge bra under a deep neck cocktail outfit and rock your sexy look.

6. Multiway/Convertible bras

Convertible Bra type

A multiway or a convertible bra is basically a bra that you can customize according to your needs and choices. These bras have an option where you can make them strapless, halter neck, or double strapped. You’ll be spoilt for choice. The straps are detachable so that you can personalize the bra whichever way you please.

Style tip- Criss-cross your multiway bra under a cute tank top with flared/bell-bottom jeans.

7. Bralette

The very trendy bralette is the comfiest bra there is. Bralette is a funky kind of bra that can be worn as a bra as well as a crop top. Yes, you can wear a bralette as a crop top, they come in many trendy colors. They’re wireless and easy to slip into.

Style tip- Put on a bralette with denim shorts and an unbuttoned shirt to get that boho-chic look.

8. Low-Back Bra

Low back type of bra

A low-back bra is a bra that has its back straps placed lower than a normal bra. The aim is to not let the hook section at the back ruin a backless outfit. The low-back bra goes low until the waist so that the straps aren’t visible in a low-cut back or a backless outfit.

Style tip- While opting for a backless or low-cut back dress put on a low-back bra so that you’re supported without having to compromise with your style.

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9. Bridal Bra

Bridal bra

Bridal bras are for the newly-wedded brides to wear on their wedding day. They are sensuous in their look which comes in different styles such as lacey, satin, wired, non-wired, and so on.

Style tips- Opt for a wireless and satin bridal bra to wear under your bridal lehenga or saree blouse to get a fuss-free and sensual look.

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10. Push-Up Bra

Push-up bra

Push-up bras mainly uplift your breasts to give a fuller look and prominent cleavage. The bra has underwires that help them give the gentle push to uplift the breasts. Push-up bras come in different variants suitable for all, from gentle to heavy lift. 

Style tip- Push-up bras work really well under turtleneck tops giving your breast a fuller look and curves. One can also pair them with a low-neck top.

11. Underwire Bra

underwired types of bras

An underwire bra helps to keep one’s breasts perkier and in place. For those of you who have heavy or saggy breasts, underwires can really help you feel comfortable while providing the support you need. Underwire bras may be padded or non-padded.

Style tip- You can wear an underwire bra under your formal outfit to get that sharp look on point.

12. Sports Bra

Sports bra-types of bras

The holy grail of bras is sports bras. They’re essential for those of us who are active in daily life or those of us who do daily workouts. They’re engineered to provide support and resistance to bounce while working out. 

Style tip- Just slip into a sports bra and put on your gym wear for a cool gym look. Or wear a cool sports bra under a funky jacket with boyfriend jeans for a total chilled-out look.

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