While there are a gazillion things to do before marriage that needs your attention. From visits to the dermatologist for radiant skin, fittings with your wedding designer and plenty of shopping expeditions for your trousseau, adding a visit to the Gynecologist should also be on the list. It is one of the things that is often overlooked. While you would have your mom, friends and aunts ready to give you advice to do this or that, it is still important to know all the answers to some very important queries. From discussing family planning options to if or not you should consider getting waxed down there. Rather than getting baffled about ‘what ifs’, here’s a list of questions to ask your gynecologist to clear your doubts.

Don’t Miss Out These Things That You Need To Discuss With Your Gynecologist Before Getting Married:

1. Personal Hygiene Guide

It is very common for a lot of women to experience urinary infections after first intercourse. However, there is no need to panic as it is quite common to have UTI (urinary tract infection). To prevent it, you need to make sure to empty your bladder after intercourse immediately and drink a lot of water. Some of the most common signs of an infection is a lingering burning sensation while you urinate, frequent urination, or even pain in the lower part of your tummy. It can be counted with plenty of water in-take, but if it still persists, it is best to start antibiotics after consulting your OB-GYN.

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2. Gynecologist Will Help You With Doubts & Questions About Your First Time

One of the most common fears that every girl has is if she will experience physical pain the first time that she has intercourse. Will it be unbearable and uncomfortable? It is best to discuss such common and realistic problems with the doctor so that they can help shed some light on the process and make you feel more comfortable.

Another common question is if you would bleed the first time. Well, one thing that is important to understand here is – bleeding is not a sign of virginity. Your doctor will be able to explain that not everyone bleeds when they have sex for the first time, and it is perfectly normal. Even if you are a virgin, chances are that you may not bleed the first time you have sex. As your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes, and physical activities like playing sports, swimming, or even cycling which can break the hymen way before you have your first intercourse. So even if you don’t bleed the first time, it’s really OKAY!

Things To Discuss With Gynecologist Before Marriage & Why It Is Important

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3. Everything About Periods Around Your Wedding & Honeymoon

It will be a bummer if you end up getting your period around the wedding date or your honeymoon. Hindu weddings take place after finding the auspicious date or mahurat, but your periods don’t rely on any muhurat, they come when it’s their monthly time. So, if you think your period date might clash with your wedding date, then express your concern to your Gynaecologist and see if you can delay or prepone your periods so you have a wonderful wedding or honeymoon.

Pro Tip: Make sure you consult your gynae as soon as you realize that your wedding date or honeymoon is clashing with your periods because the process of preponing or postponing your dates takes time and does not happen overnight. 

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4. Discuss Family Planning With Your Gynecologist 

The post marriage & honeymoon phase is the time you want to enjoy your intimate moments without having to worry about anything too much. Moreover, only you and your husband can take a call on when you want to have a child. If getting pregnant as soon as you get married is not part of your plan, it is important to discuss family planning with your Gynecologist. Understand and get on with proper precautionary methods of contraceptives and make sure your Gynecologist approves of it. Consult on the options and how soon to get started before the wedding.

Things To Discuss With Gynecologist Before Marriage & Why It Is Important

Do Oral Contraceptives Have Side Effects?

Each type of contraception comes with a baggage of advantages and disadvantages. Discuss with your Gynecologist about all the possible contraceptive options and its side effects. This will allow you to make an informed decision and be better prepared for any possible side effects.

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5. Consider Getting Tested Before Marriage

Even if you are not a fan of nitty gritty details, it is great to talk to your partner about your and their relationship history. These days premarital sex is pretty common, so, it is advisable to have a healthy conversation with your partner and consult a doctor in order to get tested for STDs if required. Ask your doctor for a list of tests both of you should get done before the wedding. These should include a pelvic exam, STD tests, and a pap smear.

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6. Questions About Getting Waxed Down There Before Marriage

The grooming session for a bride usually starts way ahead of the wedding. From beauty treatments, body polishing to full-body waxing that also includes bikini waxing, etc. most women are a little apprehensive when it comes to waxing down there and it is quite obvious! However, if you wish to get it done, we recommend trying it at least 2-3 months before the wedding if you have never tried bikini wax before. This is because you do not know how your skin is going to react. In case of any allergies, itchiness or rashes, you then have time to consult your Gynecologist and figure out how to treat the issue and consider other safer options that do not flare up your sensitive skin.

Things To Discuss With Gynecologist Before Marriage & Why It Is Important

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Why Is It Necessary To Consult A Gynecologist Before Getting Married?

  • Firstly, to understand your body better.
  • They can guide you better and make you understand that your body might change post-marriage, and how to manage it.
  • Sometimes discussing things like sex, condoms, etc. with your mother or friends can be uncomfortable or you might shy away. So, it is best to talk to someone who has brilliant knowledge regarding your questions.

Things To Discuss With Gynecologist Before Marriage & Why It Is Important

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