Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, we thought we might assist you with some awesome Father’s Day gift ideas. If your father is one of those who loves his gadgets and gets excited like a baby about new tech, then we’ve got news for you. Techworld has been on a roll this past decade, and now we’re all surrounded by some type of gadget. There’s no denying the fact that they do make our life easier and save us all a lot of time. And gifting your father his favorite new tech-toy could just prove to be a good idea. Come on and let us guide you through the process.Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Here Are Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas For All The Tech Geek Dad Out There-

1. Saregama Carvaan

Take him back in time with some classic old song collections. Saregama Carvaan is the perfect gift for fathers who love retro jams. The portable music player comes in an old-school radio look with pre-loaded Hindi classics. You can even plug in and listen to your personal collection with a USB drive or Bluetooth function. Music brings people together, so go bond over some legendary songs with your dad.

Saregama Carvaan

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2. Health Tracker

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this past year, it’s how fickle health can be. And gifting your father a smartwatch that keeps a track of his daily activity is the perfect gifting idea. They’re low-maintenance gadgets that only need to be charged once in a while. It will also motivate him to move around more and be health-conscious. It’s a great device to keep him busy and fit. 

Father's day gift

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3. Fire TV Stick

Binge-watching has become so common these days with so many great series’ releases on OTT platforms. While the millennials are used to being glued to their phones all day, our parents aren’t. And not everyone has the budget to buy a smart TV. That’s when the Fire TV Stick comes in handy, it’s easy to install and gives you access to all major OTT platforms. So let your dad sit back and enjoy some great movies and series on his TV instead of his phone. 

Fire Tv Stick

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4. Alexa, Suggest Us Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Now, wouldn’t that be easier for you than reading this article? Get your dad a smart home device that can control your electricity, TV, and lots more. Not just that it can also keep you updated with the latest news, all you need to do is- ask! It’s that simple. We’re 100% sure your dad will love it. And it’ll save you all that time your dad asks you to come and hand him the remote. 

Father's day gift ideas

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5. All-In-One Shaving Kit

We all know that our parents love to try new things as much as we do. But quite often we see their excitement take a backseat with all the stress about work and kids. And we all love hampers, don’t we? So, cheer him up with a nice all-in-one shaving kit care package. It includes all your shaving essentials. And we bet your dad would be happy to try it.

all-in-one shaving kit

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6. Air Fryer

Keeping our fathers’ fitness regime in mind, we can’t just ignore their eating habits. We are all guilty of snacking on some yummy fried treats at home. And when the rain starts pouring we know we need the samosas and pakodas, right away! So, take your father to a healthier alternative where he can have all the pakodas he wants with an air fryer. Air-fryer will let your dad have his favorite homemade snacks guilt-free. And it’s super easy to use. 

Air Fryer

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Well, that’s all kids! Now, go make your dad smile with these thoughtful and cool gifts.

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