The father of the bride is a peculiar character. He is the one who maintains a calm face throughout the wedding but if truth be told, there are volcanoes of emotions bursting inside him. Getting a daughter married is a huge responsibility for which you need a lot of patience, courage and strength. Arranging a dream wedding for his little princess exposes him to so many new sensations which bring him both joy and sorrow. To give you a hint of what goes into his mind at the wedding of his daughter, we have prepared this list. Try to read it without getting overwhelmed.

1. Is she old enough?

father of the bride, piku, amitabh bachchan, deepika padukone

When a father gives his blessings to his daughter and future son-in-law, he feels incredible and all set to get his daughter married but when the day finally comes, this is the question that runs inside his head on a loop. For the father of the bride, his daughter is never old enough. He will always imagine her in her pigtails.

2. She is so beautiful

father of the bride, anil kapoor, sonam kapoor, rhea kapoor

Yes, you are the most beautiful girl in the world for him but watching you for the first time as bride will give him goose bumps. We know he won’t say it out loud but he thinks that no bride can look better than his daughter. This is a surreal feeling for him.

3. I hope he’s worthy of her

father of the bride, hum aapke hain koun

This is something that bothers every father. Although a papa turns into a CID officer to find out every bit of information about his future son-in-law, he is never really satisfied. He wants to be sure that the man who will be her daughter’s husband is worthy of her.  

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4. I am not ready to give her away

father of the bride, tanishq father daughter ad

He might have felt ready when he gave a green chit to the guy you brought home but he will have second thoughts while walking you down the aisle. You have always been his daughter, his little girl. The thought of giving you away is unbearable for him. He won’t feel ready for it ever but he’ll do it for you.

5. Have I made all the payments?

father of the bride, mere dad ki maruti, ram kapoor

Being a father means being responsible for anything and everything. No matter whether he is on the dance floor or entertaining some guests, he will not stop thinking about whether he has taken care of all the bills or not.

6. I must not miss any detail

father of the bride, deepika padukone, prakash padukone, tanishq ad

The father of the bride always wants everything to be perfect at his daughter’s wedding. He might not have told you but he has been planning your wedding long before you started attending a college. He does the meticulous planning and re-checks everything a thousand times to make sure that his daughter’s wedding falls short of absolutely nothing.

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7. I am all grown-up too!

father of the bride, munnabhai mbbs, boman irani, gracy singh

As a bride, you might feel anxious and all grown-up but you’re not the only person who is perplexed why this metamorphosis. He feels the same thing. He is going to be a father-in-law which is a great deal. He is getting his daughter married which is the most grown-up thing he has done ever.

8. I have to maintain the face

father of the bride, amitabh bachchan, pink, taapsee pannu

Mothers are emotional creatures. They let you in on what is going on in their mind but the same is not the case with dads. At your wedding, your dad will be just as happy, petrified, sad and excited as your mother would be but you won’t be able to identify it. Why? Because he is constantly reminding himself that he has to maintain a straight face. It’s just a camouflage which he thinks is necessary so that his family doesn’t lose their calm.

9. What is this piercing pain?

father of the bride, kajol, amrish puri, dilwale dulhania le jayenge

He knows that you will be moving out but this man has given you his whole life and the thought of you leaving him is painful. It’s the first time that he is going through this which makes it difficult for him to get a hold of this wrenching pain. He is happy for you but he cannot part with this pain.

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10. I can do anything for her happiness

father of the bride, kya kehna, preity zinta, anupam kher

Believe us; every cell in his body is fluctuating between two extreme emotions- happiness and sadness. If he could, he would never let his daughter go. For the happiness of his sweet girl, he can do everything; even giving her away.

Dads sacrifice everything for their children silently. They take care of all our needs without asking for anything in return. For a dad, watching her daughter get married is the happiest occasion but the toughest one too. To let go off a part of yourself is not an easy task but they do so too just for our joy. Dads are incredible and you should let him know this right now. 

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