A father is every daughter’s first love! Then comes her husband.  
There is absolutely no denying that, we all agree. The bond between the father and the daughter will always be special and irreplaceable, whichever part of the world we are living in.
This seems to become stronger especially, when she is getting married. Though he is responsible for managing and organizing the whole event, he can’t seem to leave her side and get emotional about it.
This video is dedicated to all those fathers out there, who hold back their feelings because they have to appear to be the stronger ones. We say, it’s alright to be yourself on this big day! After all this moment will only come once in your life.  
This special day that you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Your little girl is all grown up and ready to step into the world along with her other half. You are in a frenzy. The time is ticking and the first glimpse of her as a bride makes you a little nervous. It’s difficult to decipher these feelings. After all, the same girl whom you taught how to walk, whom you sheltered from the scheming world, whom you are extremely proud of, is going to go away and start on a new journey.
In the midst of all the wedding preparations and running around, you catch hold of her for one second and show her what she means to you. You turn into a marshmallow when you see her and you can’t help but do something silly and hope no one is looking. Stealing a hug, trying to help her get ready or even just trying to make sure she eats.
This video captures the essence of a father and daughter bond across different cultures so beautifully, it’s got us all teary eyed.
Every daughter is special and her big day needs to be worth it.
Watch this and share it with every father and daughter who may feel the same way!

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