Daughters will always be special for fathers. Especially when she’s getting married, the feeling of seeing the little girl transform into a gorgeous woman and moving away with the man of her dreams is truly priceless and very emotional. All her life she’s been taken care of by the father and now she’s finally ready to start her own journey of building a family. In the honor of Father’s day, this Sunday, we bring to you few memorable moments that have been beautifully captured and definitely need to make it to the wedding album.

1. The picture says it all. A endearing moment between the father and the daughter. Something you’ll love to look back at and smile.

Image Source : Picture Art Company on Instagram

2. When he showers his love and blessings on his little princess.

Image Source : LightBucket Productions on Instagram

3. The happy moment when he takes you to the love of your life and you feel blessed.

Image Source : JodiClickers on Instagram

4. A perfect click for the two of you where you can’t resist having a bit of fun before the ceremony.

Image Source : Ramit Batra

5. All smiles and warm hugs when you both know that you have each other’s back for life.

Image Source : Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

6. A lovable moment to become the adult and pull his cheeks for once.

Image Source : Deepika Padukone on Instagram

7. A must have shot just right before your father walks you down to the isle to get you married.

Image Source : Parvesh Chugani on Instagram

8. When among all the madness, you both share a childhood joke or a memory.

Image Source : Picture Art Company on Instagram

9. A cute peck on your father’s cheeks to let him know he will always be your first love.

Image Source : Design Aqua Studio on Instagram

10. Sharing a light-hearted moment and embracing the newness that’s coming ahead.

Image Source : Reels And Frames on Instagram

11. The one where you are both dancing away enjoying the wedding festivities.

Image Source : Picture Art Company on Instagram

12. A moment to capture when the father is absolutely beaming at his proud daughter.

Image Source : Sneha Mohanty on Instagram

13. A one like this once you get ready and he turns into a marshmallow to see you all grown up.

Image Source : Ramit Batra

14. A marvellous shot with your daddy from the wedding ceremony to share with your little ones in future.

Image Source : StudioA on Instagram

15. A priceless memory where your dad knows just how to make his daughter smile and forget about all the wedding day nervousness.

Image Source : LittleBigWeddings on Instagram

16. A picture perfect haldi shot with your daddy!

Image Source : Neha Jiwarajka-Basu on Instagram

17. That time when your daddy and you dance like no one is watching!

Image Source : The Story Weavers on Instagram

18. This one is special! A face you would want to be looking back at when he sees you dressed up as a bride for the first time.

Image Source : Happy Flashbacks on Instagram

19. This one’s surely awe-inspiring! The father-daughter duo are all set to get down on the dance floor and get moving.

Image Source : Ramit Batra

20. A moment to treasure. A breathtaking moment when your father walks you down the aisle.

Image Source : Dhanika Choksi on Instagram

21. A delightful moment to capture when he makes sure that you’ve eaten and drank enough.

Image Source : StudioA on Instagram

Feature Image by Ramit Batra Photography

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