A father is always our first hero and you will surely relate to these all encompassing types of Bollywood fathers. They are our only superheroes and we adore our dads. With Father’s day round the corner, we thought of sharing these on screen Dads who literally nailed their roles.

From strict fathers to the grumpy ones to the most lovable ones, you can find any kind of father in Bollywood. But we know for a fact that all of us would totally be able to relate to these things if your father is just the copy of these on screen dads.

Check Out These Types Of Bollywood Fathers That We Can Easily Relate To Our Fathers –

1. The Very Sanskari Father Of Bollywood 

Types Of Bollywood Fathers

2. The ‘Kanjoos’ Dads Who Always Try To Cut On Expenses

rishi kapoor

3. The One Who Always Wants To Carry On The Legacy

fathers day ideas

4. Another Very Typical Type of Bollywood Father from the 1990s: The Very Strict Bollywood Father

amrish puri dad

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5. The Over Protective And Caring Dads

Types Of Bollywood Fathers

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6. The Father Who Broke All The Stereotypes

dangal movie

7. The Cool And Most Liberal One

Bollywood dads

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8. The Bickering And Secretly Loving One

amitabh bachchan

9. And At Last The Most Typical Type of Bollywood Father: That Punjabi Father We All Can Surely Relate To

bollywood fathers

So, these were the types of Bollywood fathers that we absolutely loved and can surely relate to our Dads. Don’t you agree too?  So, which one of them reminds you of your dad the most? Bollywood too gave us some dads we’ll never forget. A strict one, an uber cool one and a crazy dad among many others. 

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