Father daughter portraits form an important part in every wedding album. For a dad, watching her daughter get married is the happiest occasion but the toughest one too. After all, his little princess is all set to start her new life without him having to take care of her. And, while this “getting married” phase is a complete roller coaster of feelings for both the bride and her father, you gotta make sure to make the most of it and capture those precious moments because he’s the man you will always have by your side no matter what.

So, bookmark these must have father daughter poses that we have shortlisted for you to include in your wedding album. Because we know you’re gonna miss him terribly and which call for some picture perfect memories to reminisce about.

Scroll down to some of the most adorable father daughters portraits we came across on social media:

1. Make Your One Last Walk Together An Iconic One With Such Father Daughter Portraits!

Walking down the aisle with your father on those emotional bridal entry songs is one moment which always gives us chills.

father daughter walk

Image Source: The Wedding Story

father daughter portrait

Image Source: Fotowalle

bridal entry with father

Image Source: Safarsaga Films

father daughter portraits

Image Source: Manish Sharma Photography

2. Don’t Shy Away From Sharing That Emotional Hug!

It’s okay not to be always smiling and laughing in your wedding pictures. Let your wedding photographer capture such heartfelt moments without any filter and let those pictures speak for themselves!

father daughter portraits

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

vidai portrait

Image Source: White Frog Productions

3. Because A Father Never Gets Tired Of Blessing His Little Princess!

Yes, sometimes being cliche is what your wedding album demands the most.

father daughter poses

Image Source: Magic Motion Media

4. Father Daughter Portraits That Are Crazier Versions Of Themselves!

These father daughter poses are too cute and awwdorable to be missed. 

father daughter portraits

Image Source: Art Foto Studios

father daughter photography

Image Source: Aman Photogrpahy ASR

father daughter portrait

Image Source: Studio A

P.S. how about a full fledged father daughter photoshoot with some crazy and fun photographs to frame them for life?

And, if you always wanted to know that what goes inside the mind of the father of the bride.

5. A Love That Cannot Be Measured Into Words But Only Pictures!

Make the most of your leftover time with your dad because you are his dil ka tukda and he ain’t getting tired of showering you with all his love and blessings.

father daughter portraits

Image Source: White Frog Productions

father daughter portraits

Image Source: Art Foto Studios

6. Don’t Miss Dancing With Your Dad Because It Is The Memories Which Gonna Last!

Dance like no one is watching and let the camera capture those fun loving father daughter poses to be memorialised in your wedding album.

father daughter portraits

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography

father daughter dance

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography

Take clues from this father daughter dance performance which is full of fun and emotional moments.

7. Reminisce The Good Old Days When Your Father Used To Dress You Up For Your School!

It’s always better to relive those precious memories one last time! 

bride getting ready

Image Source: Ram Bherwani Photography

8. Cutesy Haldi Photos With Your Father Are Never Too Much!

Such father daughter portraits always make us go awwww and why not!

father daughter love

Image Source: Neha Brackstone Photography

haldi portrait

Image Source: Ombre By HJ

So, go experiment with father daughter photography shots because it’s now or never and make your wedding album a bucket full of memories!

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