Looking to immortalize your special day with Insta-worthy captures? Look no further! ShaadiWish curated a list of the top wedding videographers & photographers who excel at capturing those picture-perfect moments that are sure to make your Instagram feed shine. With their talent and expertise, these professionals will transform your wedding memories into stunning visual masterpieces with their Midas touch.

Book These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers Who Are Sure To Give You Fabulous Insta-Worthy Pictures And Reels:

1. Camera Crew Is Amongst The Top Wedding Photographers In The Business

Founders Rajesh Dembla & Soniya Dembla Balwani started Camera Crew in 2010, and with 13+ years of experience under their belt, this dynamic duo has created a name in the niche category. Today, under the artistic direction of Soniya Dembla Balwani, Camera Crew caters to you with a highly skilful team of passionate photographers, cinematographers, editors and designers.

“Our films and photographs should take you back to the memory and that’s the ultimate goal for me. I want to get to know you as a couple, to understand the traditions you value, and to tell your wedding story the way you want to see it. Because memories are all we have and if our films can take you back to that, to how it happened and how you felt then isn’t that what we call ‘Cherishing Forever” says Soniya.

By understanding the array of emotions behind every couple’s wedding day, the team makes sure that you take back a box full of the best memories from your special day. Without missing a beat, or the tiniest emotion, this team of professionals make sure you cherish your wedding day decades from now.

Their heartfelt approach when it comes to wedding photography and filmmaking ensures that every capture turns into a tale of magic and is filled with the warmth of love. Camera Crew’s style is to look for those timeless moments and capture them most truthfully. Camera Crew believes in the art of storytelling through their videos and pictures that can be passed on for generations as a reminder of the love that brought two families together. With over 500+ Weddings in 50+ cities & 5+ Countries make sure your wedding pictures and videos are insta-worthy!

Save These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers For Insta-Worthy Captures

Price Point: Their wedding package starts from INR 5,00,000.

Special Discount For ShaadiWish Readers And Couples: The Camera Crew is offering a special discount of 25% off on weddings till 30th September 2024 on their wedding package! So, what are you waiting for?

Check out their website and their social media handle to book them right away!

2. KnotsbyAMP For Cinematic Wedding Pictures & Videos

KnotsbyAMP is highly known for their impeccable photography and handcrafted soulful wedding films. Over the course of a decade, KnotsbyAMP has covered over 600 weddings, spanning from enchanting destination affairs to intimate gatherings and even celebrity weddings. From high quality portrait shots, to wedding videos that depict a couple’s love story – they ace at it all! But what makes them unique is their honest documentary style and ability to blend elements of fashion, fine art, and storytelling.

With an amazing team of passionate photographers & film-makers, KnotsbyAMP strives to be on the top of the wish-list of every couple. You can expect the team to go beyond the norms of usual capturing and give you pictures and videos that tell your wedding story in the most spectacular way. The team adheres to the belief that establishing a connection with subjects and ensuring their comfort is essential for eliciting their personalities and consequently telling compelling stories through both photographs and videos.

Special Mention: Featured in Hello, Femina & Travel + Leisure magazines, Winner of Weddingsutra Awards, GIWA Award (2019) and Adobe Better Photography Award (2018)

Save These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers For Insta-Worthy Captures

Save These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers For Insta-Worthy Captures

Check out their latest work on their website or their Instagram and Facebook.

3. Photos By Kishen Is Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers In UK

Want someone to make sure your wedding videos and photographs turn out to be nothing less than a movie scene? Well, let us introduce you to Kishen Borkhatria. With 14+ years of experience in the field, Photos by Kishen has etched a mark in the business for being phenomenal and simply the best. Based out of London, Kishen specialises in Asian, Tamil, and Sikh weddings.

From capturing all the amazing candid emotions to picking even the most subtle moments on camera, he aces at delivering impeccable videos and wedding pictures. From the initial gaze to the ultimate farewell, he ensures to encapsulate a spectrum of emotions and occurrences that define your wedding day. His profound understanding and vast expertise in Asian weddings equip him to comprehend with the intricate culture and traditions. Thus, allowing him to make sure he captures every little detail of Indian weddings in each aspect with unparalleled vibrancy and majestic grace.

He firmly believes in first comprehending the client’s vision and then exceeding expectations with his striking deliverables – both wedding videography and photography. His dedication and fervor behind camera shine through in the meticulous attention to detail evident in his work. Kishen remains abreast of current trends, and constantly refining his skills to ensure that every precious moment from your wedding day turns out to be social media worthy!

PS: PhotosbyKISHEN also provides destination wedding photography.

Save These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers For Insta-Worthy Captures

Special Discount For ShaadiWish Readers And Couples: Photos by Kishen is offering a special discount of 10% on their wedding package! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Check out his recent work on his websiteInstagram, and Facebook handles.

Contact: 07766862233

4. List Of Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers Include Studio Kelly Photography

Looking for top-notch wedding videographers & photographers in Delhi? Then look no further, Studio Kelly Photography is your answer! The team specialises in making sure to capture every single beat of your wedding with utmost candidness. Their passion for photography makes them capture your special day artistically to ensure that you look back to the day and relive it through pictures and videos. They cover all the fun and emotional moments of your pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding functions and combine them in an album, for you to adore forever.

With more than a decade of experience capturing wedding celebrations, Studio Kelly Photography’s personalized and high-quality work will leave you awestruck. They will add value to your event by shooting all your ceremonies flawlessly and with awe-inspiring precision. From adapting your wedding theme and style to turning the pictures highly expressive, the team makes sure your love story is depicted in the best way possible through their lenses.

Save These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers For Insta-Worthy Captures

Save These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers For Insta-Worthy Captures

Head to their website, Instagram or Facebook and reach out to them.

5. Camlition Productions For Insta-Worthy Pictures & Videos

Founded in 2014 by Ashish Senger, Camlition Productions is based in Delhi. Making sure your special day is captured in the best way possible, the team goes above and beyond. Aiming to bring you love story in the best way possible, the team at Camlition Productions paint a beautiful visual art of storytelling. Featured on Hindustan Times, Times of India, Delhi times and Better Photography these ace photographers ensure you get a treasure trove of memories from your wedding day.

In fact, this award-winning photography production and film-making company has continuously made waves and evolved throughout the years. Be it their pictures or their videography, you will be spoilt for choices from the best lot. Consistently exploring various styles of wedding photography and films, the team at Camlition Productions ensures that your special day is elevated to new heights and remains a cherished memory for years to come.

Save These Top Wedding Videographers & Photographers For Insta-Worthy Captures

Head to their Instagram and check out their amazing work.

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