Maharashtrian Brides have always captivated us with their quintessential traditional look. When they are dressed up in their traditional heirloom Nauvari saree, statement nath, Mundavalya, green bangles and a crescent shaped bindi, they have our hearts. However, we are forever crushing on Thushi necklace designs. Marathi brides are incomplete without them! Thushi necklaces are a major part of Maharashtrian jewellery.It’s a choker style necklace of closely placed golden beads. These are usually held together by a leather strand but now modern brides are experimenting with a lot of variations of Thushi necklaces. 

Let’s Take You Through These Exquisite Thushi Necklace Designs Worn By These Marathi Apsaras That Are Winning Our Hearts And How!

1. The Blessings Of Lord

These Maharashtrian Thushi necklace designs with god and goddess figurines are simply stunning.

gold thushi necklace

Image Source- Patil Brothers_Gaurank

bridal thushi

Image Source- Patil Brothers_Gaurank

In case you’re looking from where to buy Temple jewellery online.

2. Styling Thushi Necklace With Gold Beaded Haar

Maharashtrian Thushi designs go well with any necklace and we love how these brides have paired their choker Thushi necklace with long gold beaded necklace. Marathi brides-to-be can take some cue!maharashtrian thushi necklace

Image Source- Monks in Happiness

nauvari saree

Image Source- Patil Brothers_Gaurank

marathi bride

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

3. Pairing Pure Pendants With Thushi Necklace Designs

Make a dazzling combination of Thushi necklace and pendants! These will add the right amount of elegance and grace to your bridal look.

marathi thushi necklace

Image Source- Patil Brothers_Gaurank

thushi necklace ideas

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

How classy and splendid this bride looks in her Paithani Saree and her traditional Maharashtrian jewellery.

thushi necklace designs

Image Source- SK Brothers Photography

4. Going Regal With Rani Haars

These brides looked ravishing in their rani haar necklaces paired with thushi necklaces. Up your fashion game in your Navari look with this combo. 

thushi necklace trends

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

marathi bridal look

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

We are head over heels in love with these brides infectious smiles and their eye pleasing bridal jewellery of course! 

smiling bridal portrait

Image Source- Reflexions by NS

traditional marathi bride

Image Source- What Knot In

When you can’t settle with one necklace go for enticing layered necklaces and look radiant like these brides looked on their wedding day. 

marathi bridal jewelery

Image Source- patilbrothers_gaurank

This bride is setting some serious goals following her Marathi ethics and that matha patti is the show stealer.

gold matha patti

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

Don’t miss out on the latest matha patti designs for modern brides. 

5. Marvellous Combination Of Thushi Necklace And Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is the identity of every Indian bride. The auspicious thread around the bride’s neck is symbolic of the holy matrimony and we liked how these brides wore Maharashtrian Thushi designs with their Mangalsutra. These can be worn post wedding rituals as we know Thushi necklaces are easy and comfortable to wear.

thushi necklace with mangalsutra

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

wedding thushi necklace

Image Source- What Knot In

Have a look at these unique South Indian Mangalsutra designs. 

6. Latest Thushi Designs For The Modern Maharashtrian Brides.

We saved our favourite ones for the last; as these ones definitely topped our charts and rightfully so. For the brides who want to add oodles of glam on their wedding day steal some inspiration from these ladies and lure numerous gazes! 

Drooling over this bride’s portrait where she wore a coin shaped Thushi necklace and bold makeup.

wedding jewellery

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

Without thinking much, save this diamond Thushi necklace for your big day. This bride aced her look in her green nauvari saree and her hairstyle with baby breaths is so beautiful. 

diamond thushi necklace

Image Source- Tejaswini MUA

Well, these Thushi necklaces designs left us awestruck so bookmark the ones you couldn’t take your eyes off and get ready to be an overnight sensation with your bewitching look.

End your search for bridal jewellery with us. 

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