Nauvari sarees are timeless and authentic outfits for a Maharashtrian bridal look. The name Nauvari saree basically refers to a saree draping style which is very much similar to a Maharashtrian dhoti. Another one of its characteristic features is the length of the saree, which is nine yards and hence the name Nauvari ( which means nine yards). 

Maharashtrian brides usually carry their Nauvari saree just like that in it’s most pristine fashion or often either add a shela (a silk stole or scarf) to it.

We curated a collection of exquisite Nauvari sarees that Maharashtrian brides would simply fall in love with –

1. Drape Yourself In Ravishing Red Elegance With These Sarees

This monochromatic red look would make you look like royalty for sure.

red Nauvari saree

Image source – Tejaswini Makeup Artist

No wonder why this is a staple colour combination for classic Nauvari sarees. The dark green compliments the red magnificently.

classic Nauvari sarees

Image source – SK Brothers Photography

And if you do it the other way round, you’d have an awesome ethnic Nauvari saree ensemble like this one right here!

green Nauvari saree

Image source – Cinepher

Look out for brides who rocked their attire in Sabyasachi sarees.

2. How About Typical Yellow Or Mango Coloured Nauvari Sarees?

nauvari saree ideas

Image source – Reflexion

This combination of orange with blue is so unique and eye-catchy. Don’t you agree?

orange nauvari saree

Image source – Pinterest

orange maharashtrian saree

Image source – Adrian R Photography

We are just as much in love with this sweet and simple Nauvari saree as we are with this charming bride.

simple Nauvari saree

Image source – Pinterest

This bright sky blue bordered yellow Nauvari saree is for all those audacious brides who love to experiment.

yellow Nauvari saree

Image source – Pinterest

Bookmark these classic Maharashtrian bridal looks for complete marathi authenticness. 

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Cause We Are Living For Purple This Season

These Maharashtrian brides broke the stereotype and joined the purple wave and looking at these amazing Nauvari sarees in purple, we think you should too.

purple saree

Image source – Serenity Wedding Stories

purple nauvari saree

Image source – Light Bucket Production

This saree in the mauve shade is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and we simply can’t get over this.

purple maharashtrian saree

Image source – Bridemeup

Seek inspiration from these brides who wore sarees on their wedding day.

4. Amaze The Crowd And Yourself With Nauvari Sarees In These Unparagoned Colours

This chartreuse green silk Nauvari saree is definitely one of a kind.

green silk Nauvari saree

Image source – Dune Desk

This Peshwari style Nauvari saree in black is a statement look for the brides with a bold spirit.

black and red bridal saree

Image source – @nakshtra9_official

This charming colour combination of ferozi and red is surely really contagious.

maharashtrian traditional saree

Image source – Patil Brothers Photography

Also, learn about Maharashtrian Paithani sarees right along.

If you still have your doubts then let us tell you that bridal sarees not only look attractive but also allow you to move freely. Look beautiful and enjoy the most beautiful day of your life in a gorgeous saree. We are sure that just like these brides, you will look heavenly on your D-day too.

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