Matha patti is literally one piece of bridal jewelry, that not only sits like a crown on the head but can elevate your bridal look in a matter of seconds. We absolutely love the interesting and offbeat matha patti designs that real brides are wearing. This gorgeous piece of jewelry accentuates the face beautifully and adds a classical touch to your whole look. From simple to chunky and bold ones, there are so many kinds of matha patti designs to choose from. 

Check Out These Stunning and Eye Catchy Matha Patti Designs To Complete Your Modern Bridal Look-

1. Bring Out The Gold & Pearls And Let ‘Em Hang Loose

These stunning golden Kundan & Pearl Matha Pattis will definitely add a classic minimalistic touch to your bridal look. It is the perfect example of “Less is More” with simple gold and classic pearls our brides will look like one in a million without overdoing it.

golden Kundan and Pearl Matha Pattis

Image Source: Preet Sandhu

Kundan And Pearl Matha Patti

Image Source: Gaatha 

Gold and Pearl Matha Patti

Image Source: Love Shoot Repeat 

Gold and Pearl Matha Patti

Image Source: Shivam Dua Photography

Kundan and Pearl Matha Patti

Image Source: Kajol R Paswaan 

2. Gorgeous Multicolored Matha Pattis That Deserve Your Attention

These South Indian Brides’ multicolored Matha Patti designs are absolute goals!

South Indian Multicolored Matha Patti

Image Source: Waseem F Ahmed 

South Indian Multicolored Matha Patti

Image Source: Oaks Wedding 

These beautiful multicolored pearly matha pattis have our hearts as well.

Multicolored Matha Patti

Image source: Mavik Hazam 

Multicolored Matha Patti

Image Source: Mehlum S. Sadriwala

3. Add A Traditional Touch To Your Modern Bridal Look

Take full advantage of India’s diverse culture by choosing traditional jewelry that will not only glam your look but also bring out the Indian bridal look in the modern you. You can choose from a traditional yet trendy Rajasthani Borla Matha Patti or the simple yet elegant Kundan Matha Patti design.

Rajasthani Borla Matha Patti

Image Source: Israni Photography

Traditional Kundan Matha Patti

Image Source: Morvi Images 

4. Raise The Bar With These Rosy Pearls 

These charming brides are glowing with happiness and these subtle pink pearls are working their magic as well.

Pink Pearl Matha Patti

Image Source: Cheema Photography 

Pink Pearl Matha Patti

Image Source: Diamonds Edge Photography

5. Let Your Accessory Do The Talking

As COVID-19 ended up ruining our year we weren’t gonna let it also ruin our bridal look too, so these trendy personalized wedding masks are here as our saviors and with half the face being covered it’s the pieces of jewelry that’ll shine bright. Check out this bride rocking the mask look!

Matha Patti and Personalized Mask

Image Source: The Wedding Files 

6. Modernize Your Matha Patti With This Boho Look

This bride went for the traditional bridal look with Afghan jewellery with a chunky boho Matha Patti design and caught our attention right away. We’re sure our quirky brides will adore this fashion statement, won’t you?

Boho Matha Patti

Image Source: Makeup By Maryam XO 

7. Kundan Matha Pattis With Gold Pearls Are As Classy As It Gets

These studded Matha Pattis look extravagant with the gold pearl drops hanging gracefully on our beautiful brides’ foreheads. With an elegant touch of gold and precious stones, the brides will look like a million bucks.

Kundan Matha Pattis with Gold Pearls

Image Source: Mortantra Jewellery

Kundan Matha Pattis with Gold Pearls

Image Source: Diamonds Edge Photography 

Kundan Matha Pattis with Gold Pearls

Image Source: Makeup Academy By Kiinjal

These bridal Matha Patti designs are trendy and elegant which is all our brides-to-be need, so save your faves or take inspiration.

For more wedding jewelry ideas, check out these ShaadiWish approved bridal jewelry.

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