While we are already huge suckers for South Indian jewellery, these charming and unique South Indian mangalsutra designs deserve all the attention. The mangalsutras have undergone a lot of redefinition in many parts of North India but it is still very traditionally styled in the South. South India is known for its traditional culture and the mangalsutra there is called thaali, mangalyam, minnu and dejhoor.

Now, these brides wore some really exquisite pieces and we are completely crushing over them. The mangalsutra in South is tied to a yellow thread and then before tying the knot is passed to the guests so that they can bless the couple.

Check Out These South Indian Mangalsutra AKA Thaali Designs That Are Steal-Worthy –

1. Mangalsutra Ideas For South Indian Brides

This one had a gorgeous oversized pendant with inscriptions of god in it and we are totally loving it.

South Indian Mangalsutra

Image Source: Yazas Bridal

This circle like pendant that is the mangalsutra represents Lord Shiva and is put into a yellow thread which is tied to the bride.

mangalsutra designs

Image Source: Memory Lane Productions

Look out for more gorgeous mangalsutra designs which are steal worthy.

2. South Indian Mangalsutra Designs To Look Out For

We are in awe of this bride who had personalised design of a couple in her thaali and we completely adore it.

south indian thaali designs

Image Source: Jeevan Wedding Arts

Another simple yet striking one. It is also said that after the wedding, the pendant can be put in a black or gold chain.

mangalsutra for south indian brides

Image Source: Memory Lane Productions

This is one stunning mangalsutra that we cannot stop gushing over and the three coins in it represent Goddess Lakshmi.

South Indian Mangalsutra

Image Source: Jeyash Luxmanan

Look out for some more temple jewellery inspiration from real brides.

3. South Indian Thaali Designs That Are Every Bit Stunning

How about these ones with a very simple and subtle design and the bride can customise it later according to herself with a black beaded or gold chain.

south indian thaali designs

Image Source: Sathia Ramasamy

bridal jewellery ideas

Image Source: Ashwin Kireet

Tips in which you can slay a contemporary South Indian bridal look.

Another one where the coins represent Goddess Lakshmi and these exquisite mangalsutras are considered very auspicious for the big day.

mangalsutra ideas

Image Source: Lajarna Photography

unique mangalsutra designs

Image Source: Maha Beauty Care

Seek inspiration from these beautiful bracelet and ring mangalsutra designs.

They decided to personalize the mangalsutra in a heart shape and we completely adore this unique yet elegant design.

bridal mangalsutra designs

Image Source: Candid Red Shots

We hope these mangalsutra designs, which are a mixture of modern and traditional design concepts are just the perfect pick for South Indian brides. South Indians have always aced their jewellery and these thaali designs are no less. Don’t you agree? Well, we pretty much adore each one of these and are saving it already.

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