As a bride-to-be, you are surely on the lookout for some interesting mangalsutra designs. In today’s age of fashion and style, mangalsutra designs are no not just limited to the good old black and gold beads. The trend has changed and so the mangalsutra designs. This auspicious thread around the bride’s neck is symbolic of the holy matrimony, signifying that the relationship between husband and wife would be as auspicious as the thread. While many brides today still prefer the classic and traditional gold and black beads, many are spotting some quirky and enchanting mangalsutra designs. We have found some interesting mangalsutra designs, which are a mixture of modern and traditional design concepts.

So, come let’s check out some unique and new mangalsutra design ideas:

1. Show off your Mangalsutra design in style

We loved how this Mangalsutra has the traditional chain of gold and black with a floral painted pendant. We must say it is worth showing off! 

mangalsutra designs

Image Source: beginnings-for-you

2. A simple diamond with intricate black and gold beads

Deepika Padukone’s simple and elegant diamond Mangalsutra is going to be a pick for many brides. It is a piece that not only looks gorgeous with traditional outfits but will go very well with casuals at well. Steal worthy or not?

diamond Mangalsutra

3. Show your love with this new Mangalsutra design

What better way to stay together than this Mangalsutra design with the couple’s name? We love how the bride’s name has a crown. Perfect for a queen! 

Mangalsutra design

Image Source: fashionfreak

4. Mangalsutra giving all traditional vibes

This mangalsutra design is so unique and very traditional. We love the beautiful cylindrical pendant with two small coins that have a picture of king and queen on it. 

traditional mangalsutra design

Image Source: imitation_jwelley

5. Do-Hanso ka joda they said!

Remember when our grandparents used to call couples as Do hanso ka joda? It seems someone took it very seriously and got this beautiful Mangalsutra set created which has a similar pair of earrings. 

Mangalsutra set

Image Source: max_in_min

6. Mangalsutra design with a combination of diamonds!

Priyanka Chopra’s mangalsutra design is very chic and stylish. It has a combination of three diamonds with one big solitaire. It has a chain of simple gold and looks really pretty. 

priyanka mangalsutra design diamond mangalsutra

Image Source: ashmi jewellers

Even this one is something you would love to pick. Not similar to PC’s mangalsutra, but has a combination of 3 diamonds. 

7. In & Out square mangalsutra design

And we are already in love with this pendant mangalsutra which has gold and black beads on the chain and has a pendant of two square diamonds. Saved it for the future already!

pendant mangalsutra

Image Source: Pinterest

8. Buddies in love or birdies in love?

This oh-so-cute mangalsutra which has two birds and initials of the couple is going to be a pick for the millennial girl. The chain is made of pretty simple gold and has intricate diamonds on the initials and birds.  

latest mangalsutra design

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Love gives you wings!

This quirky mangalsutra design has a ring and wings on it. The chain is pretty simple, but you can always get is customized with gold if you want. And we think that this design with a rose gold chain will look stunning.

latest mangalsutra design

Image Source: Pinterest

10. Mangalsutra sets are new in trend!

We have picked some Mangalsutra sets that you can carry every time and anytime. Yes! These are multipurpose set which you can wear as a necklace or as a mangalsutra. 

stylish mangalsutra

Image Source: stopshop

stylish mangalsutra stylish mangalsutra

Image Source: stylish in town

11. Series of Diamonds!

We don’t know someone who isn’t a diamond fan. So, grooms-to-be if you are here all confused about what mangalsutra design to opt for, then pick this one. She will love it.

mangalsutra idea

Image Source: Pinterest

mangalsutra idea mangalsutra idea

Image Source: sampat jewelers

Check out ways to style your Mangalsutra.

12. Zodiacs make the best pair

Sonam Kapoor got her and Anand Ahuja’s zodiac sign incorporated in her Mangalsutra and do you see that beautiful pretty solitaire in between. This piece is designed to perfection. What do you think?

sonam kapoor mangalsutra design

Image Source: Usheeta rawtani

13. Basic that can never fail to impress!

This basic mangalsutra design is forever love. The dual chain of black and gold beads with a diamond embedded pendant is a gorgeous piece.

mangalsutra design

Image Source: Pinterest

Didn’t you want to save all of these for your wedding? Because we loved each and every piece here. Hope we could shop these and wear different managalsutra daily, just kidding! But, no matter which one you pick we hope you both stay happy and blessed together forever. 

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