The traditional temple jewellery has been an indispensable part of every South Indian bridal look. Extremely royal and OTT, what sets them apart from the rest of the bridal jewellery is the use of traditional motifs on them. Traditionally crafted in pure gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones like emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and pearls, these bridal jewellery pieces are intricately designed to perfection.

Temple jewellery is best known for its traditional god and goddess motifs, swan, crocodile and even lotus motifs. So, if you are wondering what’s trending when it comes to South Indian jewellery designs, we have already done all the research!

Check out the latest and pin worthy temple jewellery inspirations for South Indian brides-to-be.

1. Layered Temple Jewellery Inspirations For Brides Who Wish To Go OTT On Their Wedding Day!

Well, South Indian jewellery is all about layering and we cannot deny how pretty those gold necklaces look in multiple layers. What do you think?

temple jewellery

Image Source: Bespoke Wedding Films

layered jewellery

Image Source: Divya Hair And Makeup

bridal jewellery

Image Source: Eyebrow Weddings

south indian bride

Image Source: Weva Photography

Also, bookmark these trending layered jewellery ideas and inspirations.

2. This Rani Haar Inspired Temple Jewellery Design Is Screaming Royalty And Minimalism At The Same Time!

There’s something enchanting about the rani haars and this one with a traditional twist is surely worth investing in!

temple jewellery

Image Source: Oaks Weddings

3. This Coin Inspired Traditional Gold Jewellery Design Is Every Bit Glamorous And How!

How about picking coin droppings in your wedding jewellery ditching the usual pearls and rubies?

coin jewelleryImage Source: Ralph Daniel

temple jewellery

Image Source: Vijayeesam

4. We Are All Eyes For This Laxmi Motif Inspired Bajuband Design Which Is A Perfect Pick For Your Bridal Jewellery Collection.

How about adorning your blouse sleeve with some gorgeous jewellery pieces like this one?

bajubandh design

Image Source: Roma Ganesh Photography

5. How Many Votes For This Minimal Necklace Design With Coins and Ghunghroos Attached?

We are big time suckers for such little detailings in bridal jewellery and this one is truly mesmerizing.

south Indian jewellery

Image Source: Pixelena Studio

6. This Simple Yet Striking Lotus Motif Temple Jewellery Is Perfect For Intimate Weddings And How!

Place your bets on the evergreen lotus motif jewellery designs for they are all gorgeous and eye-catching.

lotus motif jewellery

Image Source: Vivek Krishnan Photography

7. Totally Drooling Over This Minimalistic Maang Tikka Design With Laxmi Motif Engraved On It.

After all, it is all in the details. Right?

temple maang tikka design

Image Source: Wedding Bells Photography

8. This Antique Temple Jewellery Design With OTT Goddess Motifs Is All You Need To Slay The Night.

From traditional kamarbandh design to necklaces and jhumkas, we are head over heels in love with this jewellery set for South Indian brides.

temple jewellery

Image Source: Screena Star Photography

9. Take Cues From These Real Brides Who Had Their Bridal Jewellery Game On Point For Their Traditional South Indian Wedding!

Their traditional temple jewellery sets are worth taking inspiration from for all the millennial brides-to-be out there.

south Indian jewellery

Image Source: Vivek Krishnan Photography

kamarbandh design

Image Source: Nupur Makeup Artistry

bridal jewellery

Image Source: Golden Shutter Photography

temple jewellery

Image Source: Kaushi Collection

10. Can’t Keep Our Eyes Off This Stunning South Indian Bride And Her Enticing Jewellery.

Loving how this bride paired different styles of floral motif jewellery together so effortlessly.

south indian bride

Image Source: Makeup By Shewtha Mahadev

11. Another Antique Necklace Design Which Has Our Hearts Is This One With Laxmi Motif And Coin Droppings.

A perfect pick for your pre-wedding festivities, this statement necklace design will go well with every kind of ethinc dresses.

antique necklace

Image source: Margazhidesigns

12. This One Is Every Bit Dainty And Yet So Bridal!

Well, let minimalism define your bridal look with such temple jewellery designs.

temple jewellery design

Image Source: Manu Bhai Jewellers

13. These Temple Jewellery Designs With Oversized Goddess Motifs Are Way To Adorable.

You only get married once, so why not go all out?

temple haar

Image Source: Roma Ganesh Photography

south Indian bride

Image Source: Steff Hair And Makeup

temple jewellery

Image Source: Steff Hair And Makeup

Further, check out these gorgeous South Indian bridal hair accessories.

14. Such Refreshing Bridal Jewellery Designs Totally Deserve Your Time!

And if you thought temple jewellery was all boring and traditional.

South Indian brides

Image Source; Rivaah By Tanishq

15. This Peacock Inspired Temple Jewellery Design Is All Simple Yet Beautiful.

Pair jhumkas with such traditional motif jewellery designs to look your best on our D-day.

temple jewellery

Image Source: Photon Image By Daran

Don’t miss checking out these latest jhumka designs for brides-to-be.

While temple jewellery is a treasured heirloom jewellery which is generally passed on to the generations, there are jewellery designers who are giving some interesting twists to the heritage jewellery collection which is every bit glamorous.

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