2019 has been a year of new and refreshing trends. One of our favorites was when brides experimented with their bridal look by picking up some amazing jewellery pieces. And, this time it was taken over by the gorgeous maang tikkas. This stunning piece of jewellery if adorned properly can enhance your look like never before. We have spotted some latest maang tikka designs which will make you want them all. 

Earlier neither the jewellers, nor the brides were keen on trying on different designs and shapes. But, the trend and the bold move of brides has made us look at the different styles and types of bridal maang tikkas that are trending for different face types.

So, without much ado let’s the latest maang tikka designs we have in our bucket this time:

1) One with a thick chain and circular dropping on the forehead. It covers less area of the forehead and accentuates other features of your face as well by keeping it clean and subtle.

maang tikka, bridal bun

Image Source: Reels & Frames by Anand Rathi

maang tikka, jaimala designs

Image Source: Weva photography

2) You can also go all minimal with your maang tikka just like these brides.

small maang tikka

Image Source: Aanchal Dhara Photography

bridal maang tikka

Image Source: Badal raja company

bridal maang tikka design

Image Source: Dilliwale weddings photography

maang tikka designs

Image Source: Knotty days

maangteeka designs

Image Source: Mazda studios

maangteeka designs

Image Source: Ritika Hair Stylist

sara ali khan maangteeka designs

Image Source: Sara Ali Khan

maang teeka designs

Image Source: The Video Wala

3) This South Indian bride opted for a rustic multicolored stone bridal maang tikka for her wedding day. 

south indian bride

Image Source: Vijayeesam

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4) We are sure this chandelier style bridal maang tikka will grab all the eyeballs.

Maang tikka designs

Image Source: Makeup by Shubhdeepgill

5) You can never go wrong with the chandbali style bridal maang tikka with intricate colorful rubies or emeralds dropping on your forehead.

bridal maang teeka

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

bridal maang teeka designs

Image Source: Planet V Studiobridal maang teeka designs

Image Source: Recall Pictures

bridal maang teeka designs

Image Source: Rolling Canvas Sydney

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6) Let it stick to your forehead with no chain and just some pearl strings dropping.


Image Source: Deep Joshi Gallery

7) We love when brides opt for the Oh-so gorgeous forehead covering bridal maang tikkas for their wedding look.

gold maang tikka

Image Source: Mani muktaa jewels

gold maang tikka

Image Source: Mehar photography

gold maang tikka

Image Source: Richa Nag Photography

gold maang tikka

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman photography

maang tikka

Image Source: Sutej photo

8) Do you believe that maang tikkas with green emeralds will be the best choice for any bride any day? Because we surely believe in it.
maang tikka styles

Image Source: Oragraphy

maang tikka styles

Image Source: Dipak Studios

maang tikka styles

Image Source: Infinite Memories

maang tikka styles

Image Source: Mani Muktaa jewels

maang tikka styles

Image Source: Ombre by HJ

9) Massive maang tikkas with cute little coins dropping on forehead is the latest maang tikka designs many brides are picking.

Massive maang tikkas

Image Source: Makeup by Shubhdeep Gill

Massive maang tikkas

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman photography

Massive maang tikkas

Image Source:The Video Wala

10) Matha Patti can make some pretty maang tikkas as well and these brides just proved it. 


Image Source: Beginnings for you


Image Source: Divani Pakistan


Image Source: Dotduskmathapatti

Image Source: Makeup by Vejetha


Image Source: Mansi Siddhpura photography


Image Source: The cheese cake project

11) Crescent bridal maang tikkas also known as half moon are perfect choice for brides with small forehead.

Crescent bridal maang tikkas

Image Source: Infinite Memories

Crescent bridal maang tikkas

Image Source: Jd photo studios

Crescent bridal maang tikkas

Image Source: Vivek Krishnan photography

12) And, then there are brides who go out of the way and opt for intricately designed bridal maang tikkas like this with strings of beads and petals.

bridal maang tikka

Image Source: Picsurely

13) Welcome these unique maang tikka designs that are peeping out of the hair and making these brides look stunning.

unique maang tikka designs

Image Source: Pakkhi

unique maang tikka designs

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

14) These brides prove that old is gold with their simple choice of gold for their bridal maang tikkas.

golden bridal maang tikkas

Image Source: Pakkhi

golden bridal maang tikkas

Image Source: Weddingrams

15) This bride experimented with traditional borla style maang tikka with layers of pearls strings and we are loving this latest bridal maang tikka design.

traditional borla style maang tikka

Image Source: The Wedding Conteurs 

16) Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend and these brides are taking it too seriously with their unique maang tikka designs.

Diamond maang tikka

Image Source: Cool bluez photography

Diamond maang tikka

Image Source: Gireesh Chalakudy

Diamond maang tikka

Image Source: Red Veds

17) If you are shy to experiment, then go for a simple borla for an elegant look just like this bride.

simple borla

Image Source: Shutter down photography

18) This triangular shape two layer latest bridal maang tikka in gold will be many brides favorite this year.

two layer bridal maang tikka

Image Source: Pakkhi

19) Picking up the tribal trend for your bridal maang tikka can be quite experimenting.

tribal trend maang tikka

Image Source: Deo Studios

20) This bride redesigned her borla with a small crescent beneath it. 


Image Source: Latika Jathar

21) A circular maang tikka with beats of your choice can be the ultimate choice for your wedding day.

circular maang tikka

Image Source: Pakkhi

 22) Adorn the perfect piece of art on your forehead made with white stones and pearls.

latest maang tikka designs

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

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