Make a statement this wedding season with some of the most amazing layered jewellery ideas.  Bookmark the most stunning bridal jewellery ideas we have found for you this year. Layered jewellery is a trend that is hot as ever. However, layering your necklaces can be a tricky affair and you really need to be sure that each of the necklace layers complements the other well and goes well with your bridal blouse. The layered jewellery is all about the stacked up jewels and designs that enhance the volume of any jewellery, be it necklace or earrings or anything else. 

So These Handpicked Layered Jewellery Ideas Will Surely Make You Speechless –

1. We Just Can’t Get Enough Of This Exquisite Layered Emerald Necklace 

The intricate details of emerald and beadwork in a form of strings with striking maangtikka is an extremely beautiful jewellery option for your ceremonies.

layered jewellery ideas

Image Source: Simran Takkar

2. The Dazzling Geometrical Shape Studded In Necklace With Precious Green Stones Will Make You Go WOW! 

Adding more to the X-factor, the tiny hanging green stones are so pretty with matching lovely earrings and captivating maangtikka.bridal jewellery ideas

Image Source: Kishandas & Co.

If you are looking for some really amazing bridal earrings for your wedding.

3. How About This Top Notch Ornamented Choker With Captivating Strings Of Beads As An Offbeat Layered Jewellery?

Totally loving this OTT bridal jewellery, we are loving how she paired her kundan choker with such a beautiful pearl necklace.

bridal wedding jewellery ideas

Image Source: Anushree Reddy Designs

4. Pin Down This Stunning Traditional Necklace With A Distinct And Extensive Bead Hangings.

The traditional necklace with circles ornamentation and pearl hangings with piled up bead strands is undoubtedly a work of art. 

oversized bridal jewellery

Image Source: Muskaan K Pancharya

Look out for these meenakari jewellery ideas for new age bridal looks.

5. For Brides Who Have Always Wanted An OTT Bridal Look

Can’t take our eyes off the splendid polki diamonds necklace and futuristic precious stones, everything aligned together in order to make the tantalizing layered necklace. 

layered jewellery ideas

Image Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry

6. The Minimal Chic Bead Threads And A Pretty Golden Choker To Set The Stage On Fire

The most contemporary and light jewellery idea is all about the minimal bead work as strings and an amazing golden choker topped with a red stone. 

sabyasachi bridal jewellery

Image Source: Sabyasachi

These brides in pearl jewellery are setting a new trend and how.

7. You Can Never Go Wrong With Polki Diamonds Because They Add The Real Charm To Your Look.

The ethereal layered necklace speaks of perfection in volumes with subtle shades of precious stones, sprinkle of white and green colours will leave you awestruck.

polki bridal jewellery

Image Source: Cool Bluez Photography

8. Unleash The Queen Inside You With The Maharani Necklace Trend

Bring the magic of choker and layered necklace together for the queen look. The classy and elegant jewellery pieces and stone arrangements is what we call EXTRA. 

maharaani jewellery ideas

Image Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry

Go all bold this wedding season with these OTT and oversized jewellery ideas.

9. We Are Head Over Heels In Love With This Detailed Jewellery Idea For Trendsetter Bridal Looks.

The glitter of pearls, dazzling symmetrical work and sassy green beads is truly a masterpiece layered jewellery.

bridal layered jewelleryImage Source: Muskaan K Pancharya

10. The Luxurious Choker With Precious Pastel Green Stone And Ultra Fine Golden Layered Strads Is  The Perfect  Choice To Slay Your Look.

This insanely decorated choker with stunning and refined stones, pastel green crystals and involuted details paired up with fresh design of jewel will turn all the heads around. 

wedding jewellery

Image Source: Artfoto Studios

11. The Subtle Choker With Red Jewel Hangings And Sensational Beads Is The Call Of The Future

We have something really trendy for all the contemporary brides out there. This intricately designed choker with jewels, tiny red crystals, beautiful pearls and the razzle dazzle of precise beads fibres is the ultimate glamour.

layered jewellery trends

Image Source: Delhi Velvet

12. Pin Down These Stunning Jewellery Ideas For Your Trendsetter Looks

Layered jewellery surely adds more charm to a bridal look and she is a proof of that.

wedding jewellery ideas

Image Source: Sunita Shekhawat

She looks just breathtaking and we are totally in awe. Those diamonds with rubies make for an absolute royal look.

diamond jewellery ideas

Image Source: Komal Gulati

Another one that just took our breath away with layered pearl jewellery and that pendant is just too gorgeous.

wedding layered jewellery

Image Source: Safarsaga Films

Well, amp up your bridal look with these stunning layered  jewellery ideas and they are truly going to be the trend for the upcoming wedding season. With such a vast variety of jewellery ideas, you are so going to rock your d-day. We just cannot wait for brides to incorporate these beautiful jewellery trends and woo everyone with their looks.

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