Unlike the traditional big fat Indian weddings, finalising wedding vendors including a wedding photographer for intimate weddings during the current COVID-19 pandemic is no easy task. After all, we bet there are millions of questions running through your mind about how to move ahead with your wedding planning during COVID-19 crisis. And, while you already have quite a lot on your plate, we thought of listing some important questions that you must ask your wedding photographer for small weddings.

Just have a look at these questions that will help you book the right wedding photographer for your intimate nuptials. After all, you cannot go wrong with your choices during these unprecedented times. Therefore, it’s better that you stay prepared beforehand!

Add these questions to your checklist before finalizing a wedding photographer for intimate weddings.

1. Are You Taking Up Projects During These Pandemic Times?

While shortlisting wedding photographers for intimate weddings during these pandemic times, it’s important to know which all photographers are still working and who have put their bookings on hold for a while. If you are eager to book a particular wedding photographer who isn’t working in these unprecedented times, ask them how soon they are getting back in the business so that you can finalise your wedding dates for 2021 accordingly.

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2. Have You Shot Any Wedding During The Lockdown?

Your shortlisted list of photographers may have an expertise in shooting weddings but this doesn’t mean that they have already adopted working in the new normal. A wedding photographer who had already shot weddings keeping in mind the new safety guidelines and social distancing measures, would be the right choice for your small wedding over the ones who are yet to work under restrictions.

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3. How Many Lockdown Weddings Have You Shot Recently? Have You Or Anyone In Your Team Been In Contact With A Covid Patient?

Make sure to ask such relevant questions around the current scenario. This will help you to understand their current working situation and how professionally they are dealing with their clients in the current pandemic situation.

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 4. How Far In Advance Are You Taking Bookings For Intimate Weddings?

Everything is uncertain in these pandemic times and hence you need to cross check your vendor bookings twice to ensure that everything is in place for your wedding. With everyone skeptical about their wedding plans these days- couples are changing their wedding dates multiple times which affect the timelines of booked vendors as well. Therefore, making sure your shortlisted vendor is open for bookings at your desired date is very important.

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5. How Many Team Members Will Be Accompanying You?

With wedding size restricted to 50 people, you obviously need to manage your guest list in an effective manner. Knowing how many wedding vendors will be present at your wedding will help you decide on your wedding guest list.

Know how to stick to the 50 People wedding guest list here.

6. What Are The Safety Protocols And Guidelines Which You And Your Team Follows In This COVID-19 situation?

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to make sure that your booked wedding photographer and his team is following all the guidelines issued by the Government including sanitization of equipment and wearing gloves and masks the entire time. 

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P.S. Make sure you are considering wedding photographers from the same city as your wedding since the state governments are imposing strict lockdown procedures based on the local conditions and the situations. 

7. Are You Open To Travel For Destination Or Outstation Weddings?

Well, destination weddings or outstation weddings will be much in trend with guest size reduced to just 50 people. Make sure you are on the same page with your photographer regarding the location of your wedding.

wedding photographer for intimate weddingsImage Source: The Wedding Story

8. What Is Your Back Plan In Case You Are Unable To Shoot My Wedding For Unexpected Reasons?

Well, uncertain times call for desperate measures. This pandemic situation is extremely uncertain for everyone. Make sure your booked wedding photographer for intimate weddings has a back up team in case anyone of them falls ill or is unavailable on your wedding dates due to unavoidable circumstances.

9. What Is Your Refund Or Cancellation Policy?

Another important thing to know is your wedding photographer’s refund or cancellation policy, since a lot of weddings are getting postponed or cancelled in these hard times. Make sure you are clear about the payments so that your money does not get stuck.

10. What Is The Payment Procedure? Can You Pay Your Wedding Photographer For Intimate Weddings In Installments?

Well, planning a wedding during COVID-19 is no cakewalk. While everyone is struggling for survival in these times make sure you are transparent about how the payments will be done. Ensure beforehand if your vendor is flexible about payments or not. Asking such questions will help you plan your wedding budget accordingly.

11. Do You Have Adequate Equipment For Live Streaming Or Zoom Weddings?

Make sure your wedding photographer for intimate weddings are well acknowledged with the latest videography and photography trends including live streaming of weddings and zoom calls. Hiring a tech savvy photographer is very important to make sure that your friends and family are connected with you throughout your wedding celebration no matter where they are. 

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