If you are getting married in 2020, you might be looking for the latest wedding photography trends to include in your wedding pictures and film. After all, who doesn’t wish to become that famous couple of the year who breaks the social media with their trendsetting wedding inspirations

And, undoubtedly it is your wedding pictures or teasers which can make you an overnight sensation for they are the source of new trends and inspirations. So, we thought of connecting with the experts of the industry for whom to shoot weddings is like to breathe. 

So, check out what these top photographers have to say about the upcoming wedding trends in 2020.

1. The Documentary Style Of Shooting

wedding photography

Couples want to see “their story” rather than “another beautiful wedding”. With couples and families becoming more informed and educated about the potential of great wedding photography, traditional wedding photography is losing its charm.”Customization” is more in demand. In 2020, one of the biggest wedding photography trends will be about the couple and their story through a series of photos or a film. 

– Going Bananas Photography

2. International locations will be hotter than ever for both pre wedding and weddings. We expect couples opting for more offbeat places that anyone would have never imagined!


pre wedding shoot, wedding photography trends

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3. GIF Files In Wedding Photography

Who doesn’t love fun memes with GIFs which keep flooding our social media feeds every now and then? Well, how cool would it be to use animations to put emotions and life in your still wedding pictures? Yes, that would be a great wedding photography trend to look forward to. What do you say?

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

4. Editorial Shots At Weddings

The Bollywood weddings of Deepika-Ranveer, as well as the Nick Jonas – Priyanka Chopra wedding, have brought back focus on the editorial shot at weddings. Gone are the cheezy twirls and cliche wedding portraits. Editorial shots i.e capturing candid and real moments are what will become a huge part of the wedding photography trends in 2020.

Photo Tantra

wedding photography trends5. Pre Wedding videos would take a dip down and rather wedding videos of intimate weddings would be trending.

Wedding Grams

wedding photography trends, couple entry6. Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photography starts with the photographer’s artistic vision.  Weddings 2020 will be a lot about shooting with a specific narrative in mind, with careful attention paid to lighting, background, and composition. 

– Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

wedding photography7. Vintage Wedding Albums

Huge demand for vintage wedding albums with black and white prints has started and will be big this year. The old album styles are back in fashion. Photobooks have lost their charm and are not so exciting anymore.

Photo Tantra

black and white wedding photography

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8. It is expected to see more photos of drunken shenanigans on the dance floor, quiet tears being shed away from the limelight, the joy of the couple getting married, friends practicing last minute for their sangeet performances, and many more real and raw moments like these.

– Going Bananas Photography

9. Targeted Image Delivery For All Guests Using Online Facial Recognition

What is going to be huge in wedding photography trends 2020 is the fact that photographers are going to create online image galleries where guests can send in their images and get all the images in which they have been featured. The images will be searched using cloud-based facial recognition software. The tech was always there but artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced facial recognition have made this viable this year.

Photo Tantra

10. Live showcase of weddings in good quality directly from the camera has started and would go at full pace as most of the people want their relatives to see it live who are not able to attend the wedding. (like a cricket match)

Wedding Grams

So, how about including some of these wedding photography trends for your big day and let your wedding pictures stand out from the rest?!

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