It’s the era of small intimate weddings with a limited number of people making it to the wedding guest list. Well, that’s how the trend of big fat Indian weddings is changing rapidly with Coronavirus in our lives. And, so we thought you might be struggling to narrow down your huge wedding guestlist given the constraints by the Government i.e. 50 people. 

And, while that’s nowhere close to how you planned your dream wedding to be like, trust us, it’s still all worth it. After all, the charm of small weddings is irresistible. 

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Make sure you have only relevant people in your filtered wedding guest list with these ideas:

1. Temple & Court Weddings Do Sound Like A Plan!

Well, you can always plan your 50 people wedding at home with intimate family members and friends. But, if that makes you guilty of not able to invite other close friends and family, then, maybe you can plan a formal court wedding or set a mandap at the Mandir itself. 

court wedding2. An Apology Alone Would Help You Stick To Your 50 People Wedding Guest List.

It’s a legitimate justification these days. Make full use of it. It’s not safe to invite everyone and it’s going to be a while until it gets better. So make it official on social media and seek everyone’s blessings sharing how much you missed having them on your special day and that they mean a lot to you.

3. Have A Virtual Wedding!

Well, take inspiration from the recent virtual weddings where the couples took the route of popular social media channels including Facebook and Instagram live. The Zoom App weddings are equally in trend. All you have to do is to send out digital invites to your entire wedding guest list and ask them to join you virtually at your wedding. 

virtual wedding

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4. Send Beautiful Gifts Announcing Your Wedding Along With A Sweet Note

A little gesture will do it for you. Everyone is well aware of the current situation and would totally get you for not inviting them. However, making DIY wedding favors for them and sending them out with a heartfelt note can make their day and in turn will grab you tons of blessings for your new phase in life. 

wedding guest list, thank you notes5. Plan A Grand Reception Party After It All Ends

Well, this practical idea isn’t new for all. People opting for destination weddings often throw a grand after party inviting all the people from their huge wedding guest list.

Now that you are done and dusted with your wedding guest list, how about planning your 50 people wedding with us?

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