Who doesn’t know the internet sensation- Kusha Kapila? Well, this badass woman has been much loved for her iconic character “Billi Maasi” and why not. Thanks to her comic timing and the way she does justice to each of her characters that she is no more just a content creator but a famous YouTube comedian. 

Kusha Kapila

Her concepts and thoughts are hilarious and that’s what makes her stand out from the rest. All of her characters come with some real life inspirations and people that she has met earlier in her life. Out of all her viral content, we are head over heels in love with her content revolving around Indian weddings. (After all, we are suckers for weddings and even if it is a funny take on it). Here’s some of our favorite Kusha Kapila moments which made us laugh and relate like LITERALLY!

So, have a great laugh as you watch these Kusha Kapila videos about honest Indian weddings and how!

1. Types Of Ladies At Wedding Sangeet Feat Kusha Kapila

Watch this short funny video where Kusha Kapila is depicting different characters of ladies you must have seen at every Indian wedding sangeet.

2. We Bet Never Have You Ever Seen All Of These Bride Types!

From Gujarati brides to Punjabi brides, there are quite a lot of Indian brides and Kusha Kapila has rightly given them that much needed comic twist and oh boy we can’t just stop laughing.

3. Which Type Of Bridesmaid Are You Or Your Girl Gang?

Well, watching this video will surely make you want to compare the fun bridesmaid characters from Indian weddings with your girlfriends!

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4. She Did Have Something For The Newlyweds Too!

You gonna laugh hard if you too were planning to go to Maldives on your honeymoon because Kusha Kapila has her version of desi honeymoon in Maldives and you gotta check her out!

5. Calling Out All The NRIs!

Yes, how can we forget that London wali Bua or that Melbourne Wale Bhaiya at Indian wedding sangeet. We bet you won’t stop laughing!


6. Got Your Wedding And Bachelorette Postponed?

Watch Kusha Kapila to cheer up your mood and how.


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7. Reminisce The 90’s Wedding Songs, Kusha Kapila Way!

You really gotta check out her version of hilarious wedding songs we can’t get enough of.


8. This Time She Is Betting That You Know One Such Cousin Of Yours!

Check out if she’s right or wrong.


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