It’s 2018 and one of the most surprising things in our country is that everyone has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, yet, the rate of arranged marriages hasn’t declined much. We don’t know the reason why love marriages are not happening (commitment phobic generation) but that leads us to just one option: let your parents do the work at which you failed miserably. Sigh!

Parents accept nothing but the best for their children. When it comes to finding the right partner for their child, their filter is the strongest and the criteria is the harshest. Wait, dear boy, this does not mean that you will get the girl of your dream in just one try. If you have asked your parents to find you the right girl then, be ready because it’s going to be a roller coaster ride. These are the different kinds of bachelorettes that you will come across if you are going for an arranged marriage:

1. Not A Marriage Material

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage Meeting

Don’t get us wrong but this lady is not a marriage material only because she doesn’t want to be one. She is here only because she was tricked by her parents. She isn’t actually looking for a partner. She is single and happy. She is just perfect but the sad part is, no matter what you say or do, she won’t say yes. So, we are sorry to inform you guys, but this arranged marriage meeting has been a waste of time for you.

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2. The Posh Babe

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage MeetingShe hails from the world of Gucci and Prada. Perfect curls, nails, makeup, clothes, bag, heels and what not! This is a poster girl of all the high-end brands. She hasn’t heard of Janpath and Sarojini because she never wears anything that isn’t branded. While she won’t ask you to maintain her, it’s better to drop it there because keeping up with her would be difficult for you.

3. Daddy’s Little Princess

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage Meeting

Every daughter is her father’s little princess but some forget to grow up. This one did too. Her conversation will start with how well-kept she has been at her father’s house and will probably end at that. She is not looking for a partner but for somebody who can pamper her and take care of all her needs. If you are looking for a relationship with equality, this girl is not for you.

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4. Readymade Babu

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage Meeting

You are most likely to meet this type in an arranged marriage meeting! Moreover, this one is on high demand because she can win your parents’ heart with just a smile. She knows how to cook, clean and take care of everyone. She has no problem in sacrificing her last name, career or her entire life just for the sake of her new family. She will be the first choice of your parents. Please, do yourself a favour and look for someone else if the clichéd daily soap bahu is not your type.

5. The Makeup Influencer


Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage MeetingMakeup videos have taken over the internet with a storm. While some girls are amazing at what they do, others are not. If you come across one of these beauty influencers then brace yourself because she will continuously talk about the kind of highlighter she uses, how many followers she has and what kind of concealer you should use. Also, do keep in mind that she does not look like this without makeup.

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6. The Adventurous One

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage Meeting

If you are one soul that has been bitten by the wanderlust, then this girl you just met in an arranged marriage meeting is a match made in heaven for you. She is outdoorsy and loves to explore. She has a long bucket list of places that she wants to visit and things she wants to do. She is on the lookout for a husband who can be her travel buddy. With her, you will never have a dull moment in your life.

7. The Social Butterfly

She loves to socialise and meet new people. She doesn’t believe in spending her life in the confined walls of her house or office. Every Friday is Friyay with her. She has a huge social circle. She loves to put on her best dress but she’s not just an eye candy. This lady has some influential contacts too. If you are not into partying and going out, she is not the girl for you.

8. The No Fuss Girl

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage Meeting

The natives of Venus are natural worriers but it seems like this lady draws her energy from some other plant. She does not sweat over frivolous things. She believes in minding her own business. You will always see her smiling. Life will be a very smooth ride with her. She is a catch and consider yourself lucky if you come across her through an arranged marriage meeting.

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9. The Dreamer

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage Meeting

She has big dreams and the talent to achieve them. She will not give up on them for anyone. This motivated girl has a positive influence on every life she touches. If you have big dreams as well, this girl is your best match.

10. The CEO

Types Of Girls You Meet In An Arranged Marriage Meeting

She is a strong and independent woman who has made a mark in her respective career. Having said that, she is not just good at her job but in other aspects of her life too. She is the CEO in her personal life as well. This woman knows how to manage both her personal and professional life. She believes in equality and you will be the luckiest man on the earth if she agrees to marry you.

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If you haven’t worked hard for it, you don’t deserve it. So, don’t worry because your right lady is just around the corner. Meeting these women through all these arranged marriage meetings will help you to appreciate your girl more. And when you do find her, thank your stars and treat her right because she’s one in a million and you know it.

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