To watch your sister get married makes you aware of so many emotions that you didn’t even know you had. This bittersweet moment is special and overwhelming. While you are happy that your sister is starting a new chapter in her life with a person who will love her for better or for worse, you cannot help but go through a roller coaster ride of tears and laughter. So if you are the sister of the bride, we are sure that you would be familiar with these emotions:   

1. Ah, the room will be mine, finally!

sister of the bride
Yes, this is the first thing that came to my mind as soon as my sister’s rishta got pakka. But that doesn’t make me one little monster, or does it?
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2. I will get to keep her clothes.

sister of the bride
For the sister of the bride, this seems like the biggest perk of her ‘didi ki shaadi’. So how can I be any different? In fact, I have started dreaming myself wearing her clothes already.

3. It’s shopping time. After all, the sister of the bride has to look the best!

sister of the bride
It’s such a big task. Clothes, jewellery, accessories and what not! There is too much to be shopped for. I better start making a list right now and start booking my dates to shop already.
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4. It’s party time.

sister of the bride
There are going to be so many functions. It’s time to put on my dancing shoes!
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5. I’m gonna demand something amazing for joota chupai.

sister of the bride
I am the only sister of the bride, which means, jiju has just one saali! So, he better give me a big treat for this ritual.    

6. I’ll be mom and dad’s new favourite now.

sister of the bride
Yippie! Mom and dad’s attention will totally be on me.

7. All eyes will be on me. I’m the “sister of the bride” after all!

sister of the bride
It’s time to watch my diet and daily routine. I have to radiate that natural glow at all the functions.
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8. Wait. Who’s going to binge watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with me now?

sister of the bride
Oh my sitcom and chick flicks binge watch partner will be gone soon.

9. Or hold my hand when I get scared at night?

sister of the bride
Yes, I get shit scared when I accidentally wake up at night sometimes.   

10. I won’t be able to see her every day.

sister of the bride
As much as I am excited for my role of “sister of the bride”, there is also this low feeling when I think I won’t find her in the house whenever I would want.  
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11. Midnight kitchen attacks won’t be fun anymore.

sister of the bride
After all, you learn to share food from your sisters only!

12. No one will be here to save me from mom’s wrath on coming past the deadline.

sister of the bride
Oops, this is one major drawback.

13. How will she cover for me from another house?

sister of the bride
I mean I know she would love to do so if possible, but it is going to be a really tough task.
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14. Will her sister-in-law become her new BFF?

sister of the bride
I hate her already.

15. Need to start practising for the sangeet night! The sister of the bride has to give the best performance that night!

sister of the bride
Let me start zeroing in on the best dance numbers so that I can start practising as soon as possible.  

16. I won’t have that much right on her from now onwards.

sister of the bride
She will different priorities in life now.
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17. She won’t be just my “Di” anymore.

sister of the bride
Oh come on that is such a vague thought. She was and will always remain my ‘partner in crime’, my cuddling partner and everything else.

18. I’ll have to think before calling her.

sister of the bride
She must be occupied with her responsibilities at her new home.

19. Will her new family become her only family?

sister of the bride
No that can never happen, or will it?
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20. I hope jiju understands how precious she is!

sister of the bride
Well, he better does!

21. I’m going to lose my gossip buddy!

sister of the bride
Adieu, those long-lasting chit chat sessions!

22. Bright side, I am getting a jiju. He has to do the pampering!

sister of the bride
Yayy… I would be showered with loads of gifts.
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23. Ooh… I hope there are some hotties in the groom’s gang.

sister of the bride
Well, here comes another perk of being the sister of the bride!

24. Is it my turn now?

sister of the bride
Needless to say, there are going to be a lot of eyes on the sister of the bride at the shaadi! Gosh, does that mean a rain of rishtas for me next?
There are high chances that

25. I’m so not ready for this!

sister of the bride
It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions ever since her rishta has got pakka and at times I feel I am just not ready to see her go. But at the same time, I am so happy to see her so happy with jiju.  
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Whether you are ready or not, you know that your sister is getting married. You will miss all those little fights that brought you two closer. Sisterhood is a bond which never loses its strength. Whether you are living under the same roof or in different cities, your love for each other will only grow with time. So take up your role as the sister of the bride well, make your sweetheart’s wedding the most beautiful day of her life, and wish her and your jiju the best.

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