Wedding decor 2019 blew our minds with some of the newest decor trends including the OLD GOLD Indian flowers. And, while we are always in hunt of some OTB decor ideas for weddings, this year saw some unique decor elements and some of the most surreal wedding setups. From DIY setups, colourful drapes, animal figurines, foliage decor, bohemian dreamcatchers to the floral symphony, Indian wedding decor witnessed it all in 2019.

And, so we couldn’t just stop but end up rounding off our favourite from this year’s archives. Because as tea is to biscuit, weddings are to decoration!

From minimalistic wedding decor to OTT, wedding decor 2019 had the best of all…

1. This Eco-Friendly Mandap Decoration Was Truly Inspirational And How!

Crafted using only bamboo and baskets, this floral mandap decor was an amazing step towards eco-friendly wedding setup. Ditching the typical wedding chairs, The Wedding Planning Company used cane chairs instead! 

Eco-Friendly Mandap Decoration

Image Source:  the wedding planning company

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2. How Satisfying Is This Minimalistic Entrance Decor With Origami Paper Fans Taking Us Back To Childhood Memories?

While OTT and larger than life wedding decor has caught everyone’s attention for a while now, the minimalistic decor made big waves in wedding decor 2019. 

wedding decor

Image Source: Devika Narain and company

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3. How Many Flowers Are Too Many Flowers?

After all, your wedding decor is just incomplete without the use of fresh flowers!

wedding decor 2019 wedding decor 2019

Image Source: Devika Narain and company

wedding decor 2019

Image Source: tanvi and co

4. How Many Votes For This Jungle Inspired Wedding Decor Theme?

Wedding Decor Theme

Image Source: Devika Narain and company

5. Wedding Decor 2019 Was A Lot About 360 Degree Photobooth Setups Like This One!

With extensive use of mogras and pampas grass, we totally loved this wedding decor setup with giant bells! 

Image Source: Abhinav bhagat events

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6. This Open Glass House Setup With Colourful Windows, Tassels, And Flamingos Broke The Internet For All The Right Reasons!

Open Glass House Setup

Image Source: altair_decor

7. Isn’t This Book And Floral Entrance Arch Too Creative To Be Missed?

Book And Floral Entrance

Image Source: Castles & Coasters

8. Wedding Decor 2019 Was A Lot About Playful And Vibrant Mehendi Decorations!

Don’t just add decorations to your celebration but make it an experience to be remembered for your guests.

Mehendi Decorations

Image Source: La reine event designers

9. How Dreamy Is This Couple Seating Decor With All Vibrant Hues!

Couple Seating Decor

Image Source: butterfly event styling

10. A Floral Ferris Wheel? Hell, Yes!

And, look at those cane chairs set for the couple! Ain’t it all too gorgeous?

Floral Ferris Wheel

Image Source: event by the wedding galore

11. And How Can Miss Not Adding The Bohemian Dreamcatchers In Wedding Decor 2019!

Bohemian Dreamcatchers

Image Source: vivaah wedding decor stylist

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12. Foliage Ceiling Decor Ideas With Hanging Glass Jars And Candles Makes For The Perfect Sangeet Or Engagement Evening!

Ceiling Decor Ideas

Image Source: Abhinav bhagat events

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13. These Hanging Bangles Makes For A Perfect Background For Mehendi Ceremony!

Mehendi Decor

Image Source: tea rose wedding

14. Wedding Decor 2019 Was A Lot About Lighting Up The Venue With Fairy Lights And How!

We totally loved this fusion of cane balls, fairy lights and white drapes which calls for a perfect beach wedding setup!

Wedding Decor 2019

Image Source: black tie project

15. Wedding Decor 2019 Witnessed Some Of The Most Innovative And Awwdorable Ceiling Decorations!

Ceiling Decorations

Image Source: Fotografia India

Ceiling Decorations Ceiling Decorations

Image Source: Wedding by Ishwar

Ceiling Decorations

Image Source: weddings only decor

16. The White, Blue And Yellow Pop Of Colours Call For The Perfect Summer Wedding Decor 2019!

Summer Wedding Decor

Image Source:  fete events Dubai

17. This Giant Mogra Chandelier With The Pop Of Roses Makes For A Grand Indian Wedding Decor!

Mogra Chandelier

Image Source: the wedding design company

18. Because Haldi Decor Is Always Incomplete Without That Perfect Dose Of Marigolds!

Haldi Decor

Image Source: altair decor

19. These Cute Floral Owls Are The Best Of Both Worlds!

Indian wedding decor 2019

Image Source: Abhinav bhagat events

20. This Asymmetrical Floral Mandap Arch Makes For The Best Destination Wedding Decor 2019!

Floral Mandap

Image Source: hitched and clicked

21. With Stunning Ceiling Foliage And Bell Decor And 2 Storied Wedding Setup Is The Most Clever Wedding Decor 2019 Allowing Guests With A Perfect View Of The Ceremonies!

Ceiling Foliage And Bell Decor

Image Source: hitched and clicked

22. What’s Not To Love About Tassels, Cane Baskets, And Trees?

tree decoration,wedding decor 2019

Image Source:  Altair_decor

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So pin the most gorgeous ones already and make your dream wedding a living fantasy because these wedding decor 2019 trends are here to stay!

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