There is an immensely long list of traditions that comes with every big fat Indian wedding. However, we are still constantly on a lookout for wedding traditions and trends that are unique and one of a kind. Today, ShaadiWish brings you some handpicked and thoughtful wedding traditions from the west that are not just practical but also heart-warming. You can pick or ditch any of these customs and include them in your wedding. We have already included wedding traditions from the west such as wedding cakes or cocktail parties, so you might as well keep an open mind about these absolutely thoughtful traditions that we have listed below for you.

Here Are Some Note-Worthy And Thoughtful Wedding Traditions From The West That You Should Definitely Consider For Your Wedding:

RSVP Is Important For Weddings!

RSVP is one of the important traditions that people in the west follow quite sincerely be it for a wedding or even a party. If you ever get an invitation in the mail that includes a request for you to RSVP, it means that the host of the event is asking you whether or not you will be able to attend.

RSVP is a way to confirm if you are attending the wedding or not as this helps the host to get an exact head count of the guest list to avoid food or other wastage. It is one thing that surely must be practiced in Indian weddings too.

Thoughtful Wedding Traditions From The West To Include In Your Wedding

Wedding Gift Registry Is Surely A Thoughtful Tradition

With array of wedding trends catching up, we hope that the wedding gift registry tradition too catches up. You have to agree that we often have the tendency of considering it as a mere formality. We do not think beyond the usual dinner sets, showpieces, lamps, electronic items, bedsheets or at times even pass on a gift lying at our place. To prevent such unwanted, chaotic and pillow-passing of wedding gifts, many couples are registering their gifts.

Wedding gift registry is a custom in the West and now a necessity in India aids couples in selecting the most ideal, treasured wedding presents. Rather than wondering what to do with unwanted gifts, couples can obtain the things they genuinely like and will use by compiling a list of things they would like to receive by making a gift registry.

Making a registry allows you to receive only the presents you truly desire and will utilize. In reality, today’s couples also have the choice of setting up a cash registry which they can use towards their wedding expenses. There are numerous websites that allow couples to curate a wedding registry gift including –

  •       Apparels
  •       Kitchen & home appliances
  •       House decor & furniture
  •       Beauty & grooming
  •       Experiences like spa, fine dining, honeymoon, etc
  •       Gift vouchers of brands like Amazon, Urban Ladder, Pepper Fry, etc
  •       Cash (You can include a QR scanner on your wedding invite for your guests to transfer easily)

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Rehearsal Dinner Is A Core Wedding Tradition That Must Be Included

Rehearsal dinner is a popular tradition in the west. It is a pre-wedding ceremony that happens a night before the wedding. The guests usually comprise closest family members and friends of the bride and the groom-to-be. It is an intimate setup where the bride and the groom-to-be can celebrate their union with the closest kins before the chaotic wedding ceremonies of the following day.

This gives them undivided attention and time to spend with each other’s family and get to know the important circle better. This also is becoming a pretty popular concept in India as it means another fun event, which is usually very relaxed and laid back.

Thoughtful Wedding Traditions From The West To Include In Your Wedding

Raising A Toast And A Wedding Speech

Raising a toast is usually something very common on every occasion in the west. However, during weddings, it signifies as an opportunity for friends and family to express their joy that they feel for the newlyweds as they embark on their life together. These speeches can turn two ways and both are extremely heart-warming! It can either be something super hilarious or something endearing and emotional. Trust us, it is enjoyable for the bride and groom-to-be to hear their loved ones share joy through words. We are looking forward to Indian weddings to adapt this amazing tradition!

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Father-Daughter Dance As A Part Of Your Wedding Traditions

For he has been your first love, forever hero and most importantly your BFF who has been there for you no matter what, he deserves some special treatment on your wedding day! Father-daughter dance is a very special moment in the western weddings. The dance symbolizes the beautiful relationship the two share and how their bond will forever be the special one.

It is also midway through the song that the father hands over his daughter to her new husband which signifies that he will protect her and be her pillar of strength hereon just like her father has been till the day. This trend is however catching up slowly during sangeet or cocktail parties and we absolutely love it!

Thoughtful Wedding Traditions From The West To Include In Your Wedding

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Honeymoon Fund/ Registry 

If wedding registry isn’t something you are willing to do, then the honeymoon fund is a great option. For those wedding guests who want to give you cash on your D-day, you can direct it towards your honeymoon fund.

Honeymoon fund is a common concept in the west where the couple puts out a box for those who wish to pitch in for the couple’s honeymoon. This involves asking the guests to contribute towards the honeymoon – be it in cash or kind (like sponsor activities or spa stuff), so that the couple is able to enjoy a lavish honeymoon. In fact, this concept stems from the idea that a lot of couples are already settled, and might not really need stuff to set up the house, so making a cash donation towards their next big expenditure, is something that’s more useful.

Thoughtful Wedding Traditions From The West To Include In Your Wedding

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

As Indians, most of us shy away from expressing our love and feelings for our partner, especially in front of extended family and friends. It is very typical of us to let the Panditji say a few words before the wedding pheras. All of this must change now! The western weddings have this beautiful concept of writing and saying their wedding vows that expresses their love for each other along with few promises that the couple makes to each other.

Adding this tradition is simply a must because one day when you look back at this moment or day, you will relive all the wonderful feelings you shared and things you promised.

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