Talking about love can be difficult, especially at such an exciting moment as a wedding ceremony. But our tips to writing wedding vows will help you to write the perfect vow. We will tell you what to say, how to prepare, and not forget phrases at the most important moment in this article.

Writing Wedding Vows

Tips On Writing A Vow –

1. How to start?

The first thing to do is to discuss the format of the vows. Even if you have known the groom for many years, your ideas about the words at the ceremony may not match. Some prefer touching vows, while others want to show their wit — make sure that your desires coincide.

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2. When to write a vow?

When it’s convenient for you, but definitely not on the eve of the wedding. Before the celebration, you may be excited, overwhelmed with emotions, and you can not have inspiration. Write my essays suggests allocating time a few days before the event, sitting in a calm atmosphere and thinking about what you would like to say to your loved one at this important moment. No matter how absurd the first phrases may seem, write them down — it is important to start. So, take the first step, and then the words will come by themselves.

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3. Is it a good idea to use vow templates?

We understand that it can be difficult to compose such an important speech, but the worst thing you can do is use templates for vows from the Internet, completely quote classical poems, and speak other people’s banal statements about love and loyalty. You are not an artist on stage, you do not have the task to entertain the audience, so it does not matter how the guests will understand the statement and whether they will understand it at all. Let your words be far from poetry, but be sincere because your bride or groom will remember them all his life. Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous, the main thing is to speak from the heart.

The Emotions And How To Cope With Them –

4. What to say in the vow?

A wedding vow is one of the best ways to make a promise. At least because it is an oath, and it, as you know, can not be broken. Therefore, in addition to words about feelings, essayadvisor recommends speaking of gratitude for meeting your beloved, and the opportunity to love and be loved, say the promises that you intend to fulfil.

Usually, at the ceremony, the bride and groom swear to be together for better or for worse, take care of each other, protect and be faithful, become good parents for future children, and remain romantic even after many years. You don’t have to list it all — it’s important to say what you want. You can also master successful speech in several steps in advance to gain confidence.

5. How long should a vow last?

Your speech should not be too much long or too short. If you want to focus on specific numbers, put 1-2 minutes into the speech — usually, this is enough to say all the most important.

6. How not be nervous during the ceremony?

If it’s hard for you to talk about the innermost in front of many people, try to forget for a while that there are guests nearby.   The eyes of your loved one will be opposite you and, believe me, his smile will help you to calm down. You can also rehearse your speech in front of the mirror in advance to remember the places of pauses and find the right intonation.

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7. What to do if you are afraid to forget the words?

First, understand that nothing terrible will happen if you stumble during a speech and even make a long pause: you are saying a vow to your future wife or husband, and not telling a poem in a literature lesson. Secondly, take a small sheet of paper with prepared text with you and peek into it. Just make sure that it is not a page torn out of a notebook, but a beautiful sheet — for example, from designer paper, where a professional calligrapher has written your words. By the way, then it can be made a family heirloom.

8. Are there any original ideas of vows?

You can record the speech on the eve of the wedding and voice it during the ceremony with the help of musical equipment. Moreover, you can turn on the recording at any moment — for example, when you go out to the bride or groom or stand with her or him at the wedding arch. So, fantasize, create and use unusual ideas to have as many amazing moments in your wedding as possible.

A few wedding vows examples

“I promise to be glad that we are so different”.

“I will not inflate an elephant out of a fly and pester you with trifles”.

“I promise to talk to you about everything that worries me, and not to argue, but to negotiate”.

“I will forgive you all the little flaws and mistakes”.

“I will not encroach on your personal space and time, I know how important it is for you to be alone sometimes”.



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