It’s the year 2022 and we’re back to square one. Looks like the pandemic is far from over and we’re here to update you with the latest wedding guest limit and guidelines imposed by the government. While we all thought the new year had great things in store for us, we’re again forced to sit back home and practice caution for the sake of all our health. But we’re all in this together, y’all! As for couples who were looking forward to tying the knot earlier this year, here are all the details you need to know for celebrating a socially distanced wedding.

Current State-Wise Latest Wedding Guest Limit & Guidelines For 2022 Weddings

1. Wedding Restrictions In Maharashtra

The maximum number of guests allowed at a wedding is restricted to 50 people. According to guidelines issued by the BMC, any function that requires more than 200 people in attendance needs prior permission from the authorities.

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2. Latest Wedding Guest Limit For Delhi

Delhiites can only celebrate their weddings at home or in courts with a maximum number of 20 guests. Wedding celebrations are prohibited in public spaces.

3. Guidelines For Rajasthan Weddings

As of 12th January 2022, the maximum number of guests allowed at weddings have been limited to 50 people. Prior to this restriction, a maximum of 100 people were allowed at weddings in Rajasthan. Irrespective of the number of people at a wedding (even below 50), the district administration has to be informed.

4. Kerala Wedding Guidelines

Considering the rising cases of COVID-19, the state of Kerala has limited the number of people at weddings to 50. Earlier the rules allowed up to 75 people in indoor spaces and up to 150 people in open areas. 

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5. Wedding Guest Limit In Kolkata

All kinds of social gatherings whether religious or wedding-related have been restricted to a maximum of 50 guests in Kolkata. 

6. COVID Restrictions In Uttar Pradesh

In closed spaces, not more than 100 people are allowed in UP. And for weddings held at open areas only 50% capacity is to be filled.

7. Haryana Wedding Restrictions

No more than 100 people are allowed at wedding celebrations in Haryana. 

8. Latest COVID Guidelines For Gujarat

According to the latest reports, Gujarat has capped the guest limits for all social gatherings to 150 people. 

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9. Latest Wedding Guest Limit & Guidelines For Madhya Pradesh 

The state of Madhya Pradesh has revised its COVID restrictions and set the limit for wedding guests to a maximum of 250 people. 

10. Guidelines For Chandigarh 

The SDMA of Chandigarh has announced that all social places such as cafes, banquet halls, marriage palaces, etc. can function at 50% capacity. And only people that are fully vaccinated shall be allowed to attend social gatherings including the staff. 

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11. Guest Limits & Guidelines For Orissa

After considering the rise in the daily number of COVID cases, the state of Orissa has revised the limit for people at social gatherings to 50 people. Earlier the rules allowed up to 250 people. 

12. Social Distancing Norms In Goa

Everyone’s favourite hot spot for a destination wedding, Goa has imposed restrictions on gatherings of over 100 people in any open space. For indoor celebrations, the venue shall not host people of more than 50% capacity.

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Please note that these restrictions are subject to change according to each state government rule. And remember to take all the necessary precautions while celebrating your wedding. 

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