Who does not want to have a destination wedding in Goa? Well, destination weddings have been perennially in trend and is definitely a preferred option for many. However, it does take much to guess why destination weddings in Goa are so popular. After all, who does not want to get married at scenic beaches with the most magical sunsets? 

Well, the most important aspect of planning any wedding is the cost associated with it. Today, ShaadiWish wants to spill the beans on the costs and expenses associated with planning a decent destination wedding in Goa. Even though the exact cost of planning a destination wedding in Goa may vary depending on a number of factors, we have provided you some important pointers to keep in mind. 

 So How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Goa Really Cost? 

Total Cost of Planning A Destination Wedding in Goa Revealed. 

Most planners and experts reveal that approximately the average cost of planning and hosting a destination wedding in Goa is likely to cost around INR 40- 80 Lakhs. This wide spectrum is because of many factors, discussed below. The exact cost depends on a lot of obvious factors like the number of guests, venue and the schedule of the wedding functions. 

Below we have set out some key factors that will determine the exact wedding budget you need to keep aside for your destination wedding in Goa. 

1. The Venue for Your Destination Wedding In Goa. 

Costs associated with hiring a wedding venue are usually the highest. Choosing a good wedding venue is the most critical decision, anyone is faced with while planning a wedding. 

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The venue should be the best pick as you do not want your guests to have a bad experience. Especially when they have come down all the way for your wedding. It would be best if the functions are at the same place as the venue, this will save on conveyance and also make it easier for you to handle everybody. 


You can consider looking at some of these well-rated and reviewed venues in Goa. There are a number of 5-star venues in Goa like –

The Leela, South Goa

This is one of the best properties in Goa with 75-acre property and beautiful surroundings. They also have their private beach which makes it perfect for destination weddings!

Zuri White Sands, South Goa

Well, this place is the best with an in house casino, private beach and so much more. This resort can hold up to 500 guests and has gorgeous picturesque views.

Caravela Beach Resort, South Goa

Another outstanding venue in South Goa with a white sand beach. They have various banquets and lawns for every kind of function and the best for your destination wedding.

Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa, South Goa

This Indo – Portuguese resort has 250 guest rooms with their own individual spa. How great is that? They have gorgeous ballrooms and outdoor lawns making it perfect for a destination wedding. 

Tip: For a budget from INR 50 lakhs to 1 Crore,  Grand Hyatt is the perfect pick!

Following is the cost of accommodation for a Goa wedding – 

5 Star 4 Star 3 Star
Peak Season INR 13,000 – 18,000 INR 10,000 – 12,000 INR 7000
Mid Peak INR 9000 – 14,000 INR 5000 – 9000 INR 4000
Low Season INR 5000 – 8000 INR 3000 – 6000 INR 2500

destination wedding in goa

Image Source: Purple Tree Events

2. Decor Charges

Now, it’s completely your choice whether you want to have OTT decor or minimalistic decor. We recommend that since you are getting married at such a gorgeous location, you can surely save by keeping your decor simple and minimal. Secondly, it is advisable to hire local planners and decorators for your destination wedding in Goa. This will help you save big. Decor charges typically will cost approximately INR 4 – 14 lakhs, depending on what kind of decor you want.

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destination wedding in goa

Image Source: Castle Rock Events

3. DJ & Entertainment

You obviously need entertainment for your sangeet or cocktail night and it should be the best! Make it happening so that your guests remember it always! 

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Other Important Aspects To Plan Your Budget for Destination Wedding in Goa 

If your functions are scheduled for 2 days, you will be booking the venue for everyone for 3 nights and 2 days. And because it is a destination wedding, your guests will have around 150 – 200 guests and so you will obviously be paying for their stay.

For a very limited number of guests or if your wedding is an intimate affair, you can also hire a villa with a beach and swimming pool and all other facilities too! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have an amazing time with your family at such a serene place?

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4. Conveyance Charges

Usually, the guests will fly down to Goa at their own cost. However, you will still need to arrange transportation from the airport to the venue and this cost can be significant. 

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goa wedding

Image Source: Cam Catches

5. Other Charges

It’s not over yet, you still have a makeup artist and photographers! Not only that, wedding favors, welcome kits, hangover kits, mehendi artists, mehendi favors and so much more that there is no end to this. 

This is another very important factor for the wedding! Well, we all know half of the guests come to feed on that delicious food! Hire expert caterers for all functions and it is not necessary that you choose the inhouse catering service provided by the hotel. Always go for a buffet as it is much better and convenient for you too! This is something where you cannot compromise.

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Image Source: Castle Rock Events

Well, this is all we could point to figure out a budget for a destination wedding in Goa! Hire an expert wedding planner who would help you with all this and according to us, your budget should be around INR 40 – 80 lakhs for hosting that perfect destination wedding in Goa! If you plan for a wedding in the offseason, the rates might fluctuate!

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