Getting married in the new normal is all about hosting a socially distanced wedding and we are here to tell you how. Well, let’s be honest, the big fat Indian weddings are not finding their way back anytime soon. And, as hard as it may sound, we have to come up with ways to celebrate the new beginnings with no hugs, no kisses and no handshakes. (We know how hard it’s gonna be!)

socially distanced wedding

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With the Government now granting major relaxations after the lockdown, you can now host up to 100 people wedding keeping in mind all the safety measures and precautions. So if you are all set to get married in 2020 or 2021, take a note of these important things which will help you plan a safe wedding amidst the global pandemic.

Check out these top ideas and tips to host a socially distanced wedding:

1. The MANDATORY Face Masks

Now that you have finally thought about tying the knot during these unprecedented times, make sure you make it mandatory for your wedding guests to keep their face masks handy while attending your nuptials. 

ShaadiWish Tip: Alternatively, you can keep your personalised wedding masks as wedding favors at the entrance of your wedding for all your guests. This will be a cool yet responsible act to keep all your guests safe and sound.

wedding masks, socially distanced wedding

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Know where to buy wedding masks online here.

2. Don’t Forget To Add A Sanitizer Station

Another thing to keep handy at your wedding entrance is a small sanitizer station where the guests can sanitize their hands before entering the venue. 

sanitizer station

socially distanced wedding

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3. Choose An Outdoor Venue

Opting for an indoor venue is a big NO NO. Make sure you pick an outdoor space for hosting your wedding. This could either be an intimate backyard wedding or you could book an outdoor venue with a lawn.

4. Cut Down Your Wedding Guestlist

We bet this isn’t how your dream wedding was supposed to happen. However, trust us, it will still be all fun with your intimate friends and family by your side. Not sure how to filter your wedding guestlist? Worry not, check out these ways to stick to 50 to 100 people wedding guestlist.

5. A Socially Distanced Wedding With Live Streaming Of Ceremony!

From Zoom calls to going live on Instagram and Facebook, you can include your wedding guests remotely without having to actually meet them in person.

virtual wedding

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Go through this guide to host virtual wedding like a pro.

6. Change The Usual Wedding Seating Arrangement

Space out your wedding seating arrangement to host a socially distanced wedding. Either you can make arrangements for people to stand at cocktail tables and enjoy food and the ceremony or you can put an extra space between chairs so people can sit apart during the ceremony while still being together to bless you in person.

socially distanced wedding

wedding seating arrangement

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7. A Drive Through Wedding Do Sounds Like A Plan!

As insane as it may sound but drive-through weddings are gaining much popularity, thanks to the era of socially distanced weddings. Take clues from this drive-through wedding which is a perfect example of a well planned and executed affair!

8. Say Goodbye To Wedding Buffets

While grazing tables and buffets are relatively cheaper when it comes to planning a budget wedding, they are more prone to getting exposed to the virus due to the same use of utensils by the guests. Hire a caterer who would provide you with plated meals which will reduce the contact between the guests while enjoying the feast.

In addition to the above points, switch to virtual wedding shopping to keep yourself away from crowded marketplaces.

Also, note down these important questions to ask your wedding photographer before booking for intimate weddings.


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