A wedding is incomplete without your friends present there to share the special moment with you. And every group has certain types of friends at weddings that make the experience a lot more fun. Every friend has a specific characteristic and personality trait that defines them. And no matter how much they might irritate us with their pranks or lame jokes, we love having them around. And we bet you all will relate to this article because we all have such fun and weird friends.

Types Of Friends At Weddings, We All Come Across And Can Relate To- 

1. The Funny One

We all have a friend in our group who can make any situation funny with their wit and sense of humor. This friend is so charming he/she can even get a laugh out of your aunt who is always complaining about something throughout the wedding. They’ll make sure to save you from guests that love to bore you with their life story. And they’re pretty much the ray of sunshine you look for on a gloomy day.

candid wedding picture

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2. The Hopeless Romantic Friends At Weddings

You know that one friend who falls in love every time he/she sees a good-looking girl/boy? We all do! Weddings are an open bar for this person for finding their potential boyfriend/girlfriend. And no matter how many times they get rejected, they always come back strong. They will literally go around flirting with guests at weddings even if they suck at it.


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3. The Fashionista

Well, every group has got that one friend who’s super photogenic and has the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. They know how and what to do to get that perfect ‘gram-worthy picture. And you’ll find them striking a pose by the photobooth with every angle possible. The wedding is just their ticket to a free professional photoshoot.

purple bridesmaid lehenga

The Mexican Sunshine

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4. Senti Buddy

Being overemotional is a talent this friend has mastered. They cry at the stupidest things- whether it’s a cheesy Bollywood movie or scrolling through dogs’ pictures. And weddings unleash a whole another part of their tear glands. They will cry at the bride’s entry more than the groom would. 

senti dost at weddings

5. The Talli Friend

There’s always that friend who can drink buckets full of booze and still not have a hangover. And Shaadi is just another excuse for them to get their hands on free ki daaru. They’ll probably give your uncle a run for their money when it comes to downing bottles of whiskey. It’s almost like chaar bottle vodka is their kaam roz ka. 

drinking at weddings

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6. Friends At Wedding Who Love The Dance Floor

A lot of us have talents we love to exhibit any chance we get. And weddings are like a world stage for these friends who will leave everything behind just to shake their legs. They love to dance and are sort of the life of the party. These friends are the ones who will pull you to the dance floor and be like “arre sharma mat yaar”. They don’t understand that not everyone has their talent or confidence. But who’s gonna waste time explaining that, right?

friends at weddings dancing

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7. Bhukkad Alert

Weddings and food go hand-in-hand and it’s a party for the bhukkad friends. Their first instinct is to navigate every food stall and taste every dish possible. By the middle of the wedding, they’ll be able to suggest the best stalls and which one’s to stay away from. And you know who to blame when the gol gappa station shuts down before you even got to taste one. 

gol gappa eating competition

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No matter how weird and obscure our friends maybe, we love them with all our hearts. Each one of them makes your life easier and happier. Share this with your group of friends and let them know how much they mean to you.

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