The festival of colors, Holi, is celebrated all over India with great zest. And we all have some fun and some not-so-fun Holi stories from our childhood. We all know that Holi is nothing like what Bollywood has been showing us over the years. It’s not as glamorous or as pristine as the actors make it look. How Indians celebrate Holi involves whole lotta chaos along with stubborn colors that won’t leave their mark for days. 

holi celebration

Have A Look At Expectations Vs. Reality Of How Indians Celebrate Holi-

1. Applying Colors

What people think applying colors on Holi feels/looks like.

Holi celebration

What it actually feels/looks like.

How Indians Celebrate Holi

Consider these tips to plan your first Holi after marriage.

2. The Festive Spirit

Whoever coined the famous festive tagline ‘Bura na maano, Holi hai!’ did not know the wrath of society kids. The number of times you get water balloons thrown at you during the Holi week (yes, it’s a week), is annoying AF! News flash kids- Sab bura mante hain!

This is how people think it feels like getting water and colors thrown at you.

Holi colors

This is what it actually feels like.

holi festival

We’ve got a great sangeet+Holi playlist for y’all.

3. Balloon Fights

And what’s even more frustrating is that these kids don’t realize how bad it hurts to get balloons thrown at you. We all know the pain we have to hide when a kid throws a balloon and smiles, while you’re dying inside.

How you have to react-

Balloon Fights

How you want to react-

organic colors

Steal inspirations from the very popular phoolon ki Holi trend.

4. The Aftermath Of How Indians Celebrate Holi

Every year there’s a hoo-ha about using organic and eco-friendly colors and brands promote their products religiously. But some desis still get their hands on the stubborn pakka colors that refuse to wash-off. No matter how many times you shower, you know they’re not leaving your skin or your clothes for a week or two.

This is what we imagine we’d look like after playing Holi.

happy holi

But that’s how we end up looking.


But don’t worry we’ve got you a full guide on post-Holi skincare & haircare tips.

Lastly, we hope all your Holi expectations are fulfilled. Team ShaadiWish wishes you all a very Happy Holi. Spread colorful joys and be safe!

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