Now that you have had a blast with the festival of colors,these post Holi skin care and hair care tips for brides-to-be are sure to be pinned down. You obviously couldn’t have stopped yourself from playing but hello your wedding is round the corner and you don’t want to look like that. And after all, it will be your last Holi at your home so why not make it memorable.

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ShaadiWish, just like a fairy godmother has come to all you brides-to-be with these amazing post holi skin care and hair care tips that you must immediately try after playing Holi. Make sure you keep your products ready and these are easily available at your home too.

Check Out These Post Holi Skin Care And Hair Care Tips For Brides-To-Be-

1. Use Oil To Remove It

The first and foremost thing that you should do is apply either coconut oil or olive oil to remove the color. Massage it on your skin and on your hair so that it gets out easily. Then, you can obviously apply shampoo and body wash after it.

2. Use A Homemade Mask

Well, homemade remedies always work. Apply sandalwood, haldi or honey to make sure that your skin hasn’t lost its glow.

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3. Avoid Makeup For Post Holi Skin Care

Applying makeup is a big no, the chemicals of Holi colors have already damaged your skin so let it rest for a day or two. You should not keep any salon sessions for the next 2-3 days at least.

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Image Source: Radhika Pandit

4. Use Gel Or Moisturizers Properly

After all is done, the last step is to moisturize your skin properly with aloevera gel or any cream that you have been using. Massage it gently on your skin to soothe it. We bet you will feel good after those color stains have left your body.

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5. Using Homemade Masks For Hair

Shampoo is obviously recommended but using a homemade mask has proven to be 100% effective. The very famous egg and honey mask will help you regain the smoothness and texture of the hair. Make sure you keep it on for 30 minutes and then wash it.

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6. Wash Your Hair With Beer

Well, you wouldn’t know it but a beer can be perfectly used as a shampoo and trust us, the color will leave your roots immediately. It acts like a cleanser and properly conditions your hair too.

7. Use Serum And Conditioner

A serum and conditioner should be applied immediately after washing your hair. This just to let the chemicals leave your hair so that it can be silky and smooth like before.

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We hope these post Holi skin care and hair care tips for brides-to-be will prove to be effective and the best part is that you can easily find these at your home. Don’t spoil your mood as you can enjoy this festival to the fullest and still look pretty as ever. Have any more tips for color removal ? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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