Following the social distancing rules during Coronavirus pandemic, photographers are now coming up with Facetime photography as a new trend and solutio. Imagine how fun it would be to have a fun-filled or romantic photoshoot at any location through Facetime. We are totally loving how the whole Coronavirus situation is bringing the best in people and how everyone is getting so innovative with their wedding. The uniqueness of these photo shoots will be undeniable and you will have a great experience.

So, we thought of preparing a whole Facetime photoshoot guide especially for you, so that you have a great one and you create some beautiful memories. Scroll down below to know how you can have an ultimate photoshoot through Facetime and with these steps, you are going to ace it.

Bookmark This Ultimate Facetime Photography Guide While You Have Your Photoshoot –

1. What Happens In A Facetime Photoshoot?

Basically, the photographer captures the couple through a video call and it is most preferred these days because no one has to be in contact with the other person. And well, let’s agree it is really cool and unique.

facetime photography

Image Source: Naman Verma

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2. Where You Can Have These?

The best part about these shoots is that you don’t have to get out of your house and if you have a beautiful terrace, infrastructure or a garden, your photos are going to turn out beautiful and you will not regret doing this.

post wedding photo shoot ideas

Image Source: The D Noire

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3. What All You Need To Discuss For A Facetime Photoshooot?

While having a Facetime photoshoot, remember to have a tripod stand or you can ask somebody else to hold the gadget for you. Remember to discuss all these points in detail with your photographer before to avoid chaos later.

Also, you must talk about the right lighting and the time when you should have it, because not having the right lighting will result in really dark and bad photos and you obviously don’t want that.

gay couple facetime photoshoot

Image Source: Naman Verma

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You must have a really good internet connection too as it may take hours to get it done and bad connectivity can lead to blurred photos. The photographers say that it is highly challenging and the most tough part is to convey what frame they are visualising.

facetime photo shoot trends

Image Source: Naman Verma

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So, what are you waiting for now? Get your Facetime photography done already and we assure you that you will be having the time of your lives and you will have memories forever. It will be fun, not only just for you but the photographer too and we highly urge all the couples out there to have one photoshoot like this. We are loving how couples and photographers are doing their bit and not letting the Coronavirus pandemic affect their wedding plans. 

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