Forget about the big fat Indian weddings, for Zoom weddings are here to stay for a while. With the Coronavirus pandemic creating havoc in the entire world, many couples are forced to postpone their weddings because weddings are social affairs which require mass gatherings. However, there are couples who are breaking all the barriers to unite with each other on their earlier scheduled Shubh Muhrat dates. Yes, they are still attended by all the family and friends, the only difference being that the ceremony is hosted online on different apps including Zoom Video Conferencing App, Facebook Live and Facetime!

zoom wedding

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Check out this one-of-a-kind Zoom wedding of Mumbai Groom and Bareilly Bride who decided to tie the knots against all the odds!

Sushen Dang, 26, and his fiancee, Keerti Narang were to get married in a lavish wedding affair only to be ruined by the global pandemic- COVID-19. Leaving behind their dream of getting married amidst wildlife with elaborate settings, the couple got married digitally with a priest chanting the mantras while sitting in Raipur. Sounds crazy, right? Well, the groom attended his Zoom wedding dressed up in his mother’s red scarf as his safa while the bride wore her mother’s wedding lehenga. The best part of their digital wedding was the bride’s father doing the digital Kanyadaan!

zoom wedding

Soon after their wedding rituals were completed, they along with their relatives and friends danced wholeheartedly on their screens raising their toast to their zoom wedding. Well, this was yet another couple who came forward to celebrate their wedding amidst all the odds making us believe that love conquers all. 

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