Loving how this lockdown is bringing the best in people, just like these couples who did not let Coronavirus affect their plans and had their pre-wedding shoots on facetime. Did you ever imagine that? We think it’s a great idea and keeping the social distancing rules in mind this is what couples need to follow. If you are thinking that their pictures won’t turn out to be good enough, then you are highly mistaken. So, check out these couples who had stunning pre-wedding on facetime and we are in awe.

Swoon Over These Couple Photographs Who Had Their Pre-Wedding Shoots On Facetime –

1. Anupreet And Akshit

This couple from Chandigarh had a pretty shoot on Facetime and Naman Verma, the photographer says that it was highly challenging and the most tough part was to convey what frame he was visualising. Still, he is really happy with the results and we think he has really done a great job. With such bad internet receptions too, he managed to get amazing photographs and we salute his creativity.

Pre-Wedding Shoots On Facetime

pre wedding ideas

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2. Pre-Wedding Shoots On Facetime

Another gorgeous couple, Aditya and Amit from New Jersey had their shoot on Facetime and their pictures have turned out to be really amazing.

facetime pre wedding

The couple met three years ago and one date was all it took for them to realize that their relationship was worth pursuing. We love how they are not afraid of expressing their love for each other in front of everyone and they surely are an inspiration for everyone.

Pre-Wedding Shoots On Facetime

shoot during lockdown

Image Source: Naman Verma

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We are loving how couples are doing their bit and not letting the Coronavirus pandemic affect their wedding plans. Once again there is no other power greater than the power of love and these couples are a proof of that. So, if you have postponed your wedding too, don’t get stressed because your D-day will be a lot more special now.

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