Weddings in times of Coronavirus have proved that even in such chaotic times, love didn’t fail to prevail. In spite of all the anxiety and negativity these couples did not let that hamper their wedding and they still decided to get married. We understand  how tough it would be for them to let go off a grand wedding and opt for an intimate one. But at least, they would be together in this time of distress.

We at ShaadiWish have decided to bring you some heart warming stories of couples who have decided to start their forever in these hard times. We have found couples from around the world whose love will inspire you all and their story of getting married in times of Coronavirus pandemic will leave you stunned. Scroll down below and read their wedding stories.

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1. Aakanksha Patel And Mikhail Verma

So, Aakanksha and Mikhail were to tie the knot on 2nd March in Phuket and they had been planning their wedding for more than a year. Little did they know that God had planned something else for them. The couple says that on 14th February they decided not to have a wedding in Phuket but they were sure of the fact they were getting married anyhow. And without any delay both of them decided to have a wedding in Mangalore which was near to their home and they say it was as beautiful and dreamy as they had thought it to be.

Weddings In Times Of Coronavirus

Image Source: Memoirs Photography

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2. This Couple Opted For A Digital Engagement

Another story that is going to inspire you so much. Well, Anay and Neha live in Mumbai and digitally exchanged rings in times of social distancing. Isn’t that great? Well, love proves that there is no such thing as powerful as it. So, after a lot of contemplating they had a facebook live with their family members and one of their friends anchoring for them and the best part is that they had a mock engagement too before the actual ceremony.

pandemic weddings

digital engagement

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3. Weddings In Times Of Coronavirus 

This couple couldn’t even wear a proper wedding dress to their wedding and the bride says that she had never imagined that her wedding pictures would look like this. They are so thankful to the King’s County for being open and granting them the marriage license. She believes that she is very lucky as they will now be together and can surpass this phase easily.

pandemic weddings

Weddings In Times Of Coronavirus

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4. Got Married Through Zoom Application

The Coronavirus pandemic did not stop Sara and William from getting married and they had a ceremony on Zoom app with all their friends and family members and it was beautiful as ever. They surely didn’t have this in mind but they are all set for a real party when all this is over.

digital wedding

virtual wedding

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So, you see these weddings in times of Coronavirus pandemic have proved that love is the most powerful thing in the world and even a pandemic like this cannot beat it. But, all you beautiful couples out there don’t worry if you have postponed your wedding because your day will come and it will be more gorgeous than you have ever imagined.

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