The Coronavirus outbreak has surely affected the wedding industry in a lot of ways and these bridal trends post Corona should be bookmarked right away. We literally have no clue how and when things will be back to normal so we thought of helping you out a little bit with the wedding fashion trends after Coronavirus. As of 3rd May the Government of India has said  that not more than 50 people will be allowed for a wedding, you will obviously be having an  intimate one which calls for simpler and unique dressing rules.

We are really looking forward to having those big fat Indian weddings again but trust us Intimate weddings are too special and with these mind blowing bridal trends & fashions post Corona,will leave an indelible mark. Now,scroll down and note these so that you don’t miss any.

Check Out These Bridal Trends Post Corona That Will Make Your Wedding A Hit –

1. Bridal Fashion Post Coronavirus

The very talented fashion designers have said that the theatrical look must take a back seat now as much simpler and minimal things are going to be the new trend. Designers will have to face a lot of problem and will have to make much ready to wear pieces for the bride as they now want to wear something that they can easily repeat in the future.

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2. Wedding Looks After COVID-19

Well, obviously no bride would want to wear heavy bridal lehengas for small weddings. Thus, they should go for much simpler and pretty sarees that they can easily use afterwards too. Go for stunning Kanjeevaram sarees or Banarasi sarees and lehengas because nothing beats the extraordinary look of it.

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bridal trends post corona

Image Source: Bageecha Banaras

3. Jewellery Styling For Brides

The demand for traditional jewellery might dip and brides might opt for existing jewellery pieces available online. It will be much easier to shop virtually and we think that going for light jewellery pieces rather than heavy gold necklaces is what you should consider now. How about some gorgeous choker pieces for a ravishing look. It will also be best if you opt for contemporary jewellery designs and brands for your intimate wedding look like Misho Designs, Outhouse Jewellery, Amrapali and many more.

bridal jewellery ideas

Image Source:  Picture Patch

4. Wedding Shopping After Lockdown 

While the lockdown still continues, shopping as we know it will be changed forever. There will be no wedding exhibitions for a long time and they were surely considered a big revenue for medium scale fashion designers. People might still be scared to head to stores for bridal shopping and this isn’t going to change for a long time. Virtual shopping is what will be trending and all the fashion industry needs to make peace with it.

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5. Minimal Makeup Looks For Brides

You are having an intimate wedding and trust us, simplicity is what you should go with. Bold and OTT makeup look will not be much appreciated and if you consult any makeup artist, they will suggest the same.

bridal makeup ideas

Image Source: Uurmi Kaur

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Well, we think these wedding trends post Corona is what you should consider for having your intimate and gorgeous wedding. Don’t worry now, it is going to be a memorable affair and you will look stunning in every way. Brides-to-be a little bit of patience is required and your D-day is surely not that far now. Get prepping already.

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