With so many diet myths and facts available, it’s hard to know which all plans will give you the maximum results without affecting your overall health. And, if you have started the countdown to your wedding, you must have already begun working hard on shredding those extra kilos. After all, who does not wish to look the best version of themselves and flaunt a flat tummy on their special day?

Well, we know what all it takes to follow that strict diet, workout routine, turning your back on your favorite snacks so that you can perfectly slip into your fitted wedding dress on your big day. However, for the sake of reducing weight, a lot of brides-to-be commit certain mistakes that only end up bloating their stomach and ultimately impacting their health.

diet myths and facts

Remember, what you eat has a direct effect on how you look. It is the food you eat which can help you achieve the perfect wedding look. 

Therefore, we asked some of the leading nutritionists and dietitians about the most common yet easily ignored diet myths that a lot of brides swear by. 

So, make a note of these diet myths and facts to make the most of your pre-wedding weight loss without impacting your health!

Myth 1: Omit Carbohydrates From Your Diet Completely As They Are Bad For You!

Fact: Carbohydrates should be an essential part of your diet. Removing them totally from your diet can lead to low energy levels, higher health-related issues and most important, increased chances of weight gain. However, when you eat carbs in the right quantities or pick the ones rich in fibre over the processed ones, it helps reduce belly fat faster. So, stop believing these diet myths and facts, and include more carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, oats, fruits, vegetables and multi-grain bread in your meals.

-Avni Kaul, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach (Contact Details: +91 9953228642)

Myth 2: Skipping Meals Is A Key To Weight Loss

Fact: Are you starving yourself believing that you will lose your weight faster? Think again. When you skip meals, your metabolism slows down. Skipping meals will lead to nutrient deficiency, hair loss, dull face which will not be good for your health. Skipping meals results in consuming more calories, as one tends to eat more at the next meal. Instead, focus on a balanced diet and wholesome meals.

Shweta Bansal, It’s Healthy Point


Myth 3: Don’t Eat After 7 PM

Fact: This myth is as old as the concept of fad diets. Your weight depends on what and how much you’re eating, not on what time. The gap before bedtime is only good for ensuring the meals are digested. However, eating early is never going to help you lose weight. So, make sure you follow the right diet myths and facts.

– Dt. Shikha Mahajan, Diet Podium (Contact Details: +91 9810425765)

diet plans, diet myths and facts

Myth 4: Going Gluten-Free Will Be Better for Me

Fact: Unless you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, which causes an auto-immune response to gluten, there’s no reason to entirely eliminate grains with gluten, like wheat, rye and barley. 

– Ambica, Fitness Formula (Contact Details: 85951 97123)

diet myths and facts

Myth 5: Say “No” To Dairy Products

Fact: Not adding dairy products in your meals might end up with many nutritional deficiencies for the long run as they are a primary source of calcium and protein in the body. Adhere by these diet myths and facts as you might be eating all wrong and depriving yourself of many important nutrients.

 –Sugati Centre For Diet And Wellness ( Email : connect@sugatidiet.com)

dairy products, diet myths and facts

Myth 6: Eat Negative Calorie Foods

Fact: There are a lot of books claiming that some foods have negative calories and will burn calories just because you eat them. However, it is not proven by any scientific study that this can possibly happen. In fact, eating these foods will fill you up because of their fiber content. Other health problems related to eating negative calorie foods include low intake of calories, protein and fat which can cause many hormone problems.

-Dt. Shikha Mahajan, Diet Podium (Contact Details: +91 9810425765)

Myth 7: Supplements Can Assist You To Reduce Weight

Anything that requires less effort and provides faster results has always tempted people the most. The same is the scenario here. There are several people who religiously swear by supplements to reduce weight and stop working out enough and quitting the diet plan.

Fact:  Supplements may give one the desired result, but it’s effects do not last long. Also, they may have many adverse side effects in future.

-Avni Kaul, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach (Contact Details: +91 9953228642)

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Myth 8:  Drinking Eight Glasses of Water A Day Is A Must

Fact: It depends more on how much you sweat, where you live and even whether you are male or female. Drinking a lot of water can also create health problems. So, get over the usual diet myths and facts as you take your weight (in lbs) and divide it by 2.2.  Multiply that number by your age to get the desired litres of water you must drink in a day . Or Water (in litres) To Drink A Day = Your Weight (in Kg) multiplied by 0.033. For example, if you have 60 kgs of weight, you should drink about 2 litres of water every single day. At 90 kg, you’ll need around about 3 litres of water

-Ambica, Fitness Formula

diet myths

Myth 9: No Snacking

Fact: Eating healthy snacks between meals can actually help you to control your appetite. Fruit, vegetables, crudités and low fat yoghurt are great choices.

 –Sugati Centre For Diet And Wellness ( Email : connect@sugatidiet.com)

Myth 10: Working Out Regularly Gives You The Liberty To Eat Anything And Everything

Fact: You just simply can’t out-exercise a poor diet. You can’t fuel your body with junk and expect it to perform. Just like you wouldn’t expect your car to run without proper fuel, you can’t expect your body to perform with junky fuel. It’s essential to both work out and eat right for successful weight-loss and to maintain good health. Leave behind these diet myths and facts and switch to healthy living for long-lasting results.

junk food,myths and factsShweta Bansal, It’s Healthy Point

Myth 11: Packaged Diet Food Will Help In Weight Loss

Fact: NO! Stay away from anything packaged. Stick to a local Indian diet. Whatever that grows organically near you is good for you. Know that these packaged foods hold sugar and other additives too. So, don’t just go by their name as they are equally fattening.

-Ambica, Fitness Formula

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Myth 12: Eating Chocolate Will Invite Blemishes and Breakouts

Fact: Chocolates have such a bad reputation. Diet that is high in sugar and fat can lead to sebum production and acne. The truth of the matter is, chocolate is actually good for both the heart and the skin, particularly dark chocolate, as it contains antioxidants.

 –Sugati Centre For Diet And Wellness ( Email : connect@sugatidiet.com)

diet myths and facts

Myth 13: Stress = Weight Gain

Fact: Stress actually tends to cause loss of appetite in the initial stages. Since pre-wedding jitters can under no circumstance be considered as a long-term stress, brides can relax. Keep on watching your figure and doing at least low-impact exercises. Stay away from fried and fatty food, and don’t worry about fluctuations. Your wedding gown will fit like a glove.

 –Sugati Centre For Diet And Wellness ( Email : connect@sugatidiet.com)

Myth 14: Crash Diets And Fad Diets Are Healthy To Follow

Fact: Do you follow a fad diet? Do you feel a fad diet will give you permanent weight loss? These diets may provide short-term results, but they are difficult to sustain. Further, they deprive you of the essential nutrients that only balanced eating can offer. Focus on healthy weight loss instead of going on fad diets.

-Shweta Bansal, It’s Healthy Point

diet myths and facts

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Myth 15: Certain Foods Help You Burn Fat

Fact: No food can actually help you to burn fat. Leave behind such diet myths and facts since it’s important to eat fewer calories (energy), rather than eating specific foods that are thought to have special properties.

 –Sugati Centre For Diet And Wellness ( Email : connect@sugatidiet.com)

diet myths and facts

Myth 16: Low Fat Only

Fact: Replacing fat with other ingredients can still result in a product with high calorie content. Don’t be fooled – check the label. Quantity is also important – you won’t cut back on calories if you eat twice as much of a low fat product as a full fat one.

 –Sugati Centre For Diet And Wellness ( Email : connect@sugatidiet.com)

So, make sure you educate yourself with the above list diet myths and facts before you actually undergo a weight loss programme. Know that health comes before any diet plan and so it’s important to always study its pros and cons before you finally adapt them in your meals. Need expert advice to help you with your weight loss journey? Check them out here.

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