How to lose fat fast? This is the first question that every bride-to-be is looking for and asking people around. So, no more asking people or searching for answers. We know you are getting married and we are just as stoked about it as you are. The path that leads you to your ‘happily ever after’ is beautiful, testing and amazing. We are well aware that you want to look perfect on your wedding day and for that, you have already bookmarked all the fitness pages. Yes, you want to do all that but finding enough time to go to the gym and eat salads all the time is next to impossible when the wedding preparations are in full swing.

Dear Bride, just breathe in all the positivity around you and breathe out all the worries because we have the ultimate pre-wedding diet tips just for you. These pre wedding diet tips will help you in losing weight without losing your cool:

1. Detox Water Is Your Best Friend

The best thing that you can give to your body is water. Our bodies are 65% water. This means that you have to make sure that it maintains that required level to function properly. Other than that, water helps you to reach the satiation level. Many find it difficult to differentiate between hunger and thirst and end up consuming unnecessary calories. So, rather having junk or anything else just keep a bottle of detox water and consume it frequently. You can add mints, lemon, cucumber, ginger in water and sip it. It will eliminate binge eating and flush the toxins as well.

how to lose fat fast

2. Your Salt intake

An excess amount of sodium in your body can cause a lot of damage. Salt holds water in your body which leads to the problem of water retention. If you feel bloated all the time then, it’s time to reduce your salt intake. You don’t have to give it up completely. Just add less salt in your meals and have salt-less dinners. And, this wedding diet can help you lose weight fast.

3. Don’t Be a Sugar Baby

You might to able to burn that slice of pizza but you cannot reverse the damage done by sugar. Sugar can instantly increase your waist size as it commands the body to store fat in that region. It is a disguised refined carbohydrate which will never allow you to lose weight. Even sugar substitutes like honey, jaggery, and artificial sweeteners are no good. You will have to give it up altogether for a healthy body before the wedding.

how to lose fat fast

4. Learn The Difference Between Good Fats and Bad Fats

Most of us believe in the myth that you will have to give up fats if you want to bring the scale down. This, however, is not true at all. Fats are necessary for a balanced diet. They convert into energy and you will feel drowsy by eliminating fats from your pre-wedding diet. You need to understand the difference between good fats and bad fats to lose weight.
Avoid the refined form of fats like vegetable oil, butter, ghee and cheese. Bring in the good fats like homemade nut butter and virgin olive oil. Dry fruits and avocados have good fats which you should definitely include in your diet.  

pre wedding diet

5. Build Yourself On Protein

We all have studied that proteins are the building blocks of life. Our bodies need protein to repair all the cells and tissues. If you want those luscious locks, increase your protein intake. When it comes to weight loss, proteins are imperative. Proteins keep you full for longer as your body needs time to digest them. Also, it helps the body to maintain the muscle mass which is otherwise impossible when someone is trying to lose weight. It means that you need to eat more protein if you do not want to end up with post-weight loss saggy skin.

6. Understand the types of Carbohydrates

People will often advise you to eat fewer carbohydrates but that is not the right thing to follow. Just like fats, there are good carbs and bad carbs and you will see a lot of good changes in your body by substituting these two. Give up white rice and substitute it with quinoa or brown rice. These two are delicious and have a higher protein count. Replace semolina and all-purpose flour with rolled oats or oats flour. Oats are rich in antioxidants and good cholesterol. If you think that wheat gluten is not good for you then you can use millets or jowar flour for your chapatis.

7. Vegetables are important

Vegetables are rich in so many vitamins and minerals. Your body will thank you for increasing their intake. Vegetables play an important role in losing weight. First, they are the best substitutes for carbohydrates. Second, they keep you full for longer. Third, they prevent the sudden rise and dip in the energy levels which is one of the reasons why we binge-eat.

pre wedding diet

8. Don’t forget Fruits

Fruits are wonderful for weight loss. They are rich in fibre and antioxidants. Fibers get your bowels moving and antioxidants help in cleansing the entire body. Some fruits like watermelon, apples, pineapple, blueberries, pear, and grapefruit can help you in more than one way. They keep you full for longer, provide your body with natural sugar, make your skin glow and help to improve digestion. Fruits make a wonderful meal replacement. You don’t need to add any seasoning or dressing to make them tasty. Replace one of your meals with a platter of fresh fruits to lose weight faster.

9. Coffee is Good

Coffee is the ultimate beverage. When consumed in the right amount, it can fasten your weight loss process. Caffeine is known for giving your body a boost of energy. This comes in handy when you’re creating a calorie deficit. Coffee helps to fasten the metabolism. Having a cup of black coffee before eating your meal can help your body to digest food faster and in a better way.

pre wedding diet coffee

10. Never starve yourself

If you really want to lose weight and not your strength then never starve yourself. Nutritionists believe that having 5-6 light meals a day is better than having 3 heavy meals. When you eat after every two hours, your body gets the signal that it has to work. The internal process helps to burn off calories faster. Also, regular eating improves the metabolic rate of your body.

how to lose fat fast

11. Cheating Can Help

Yes, you want to lose fat fast as you want to fit into that dream lehenga but overdoing something cannot make it possible. Prolonged dieting can cause more harm than good. When you stick to a particular diet for a longer period of time, your body becomes habitual of it. You stop losing weight and hit a plateau. To avoid such a situation, go for a cheat meal at least twice a month. This will keep you on track.

pre wedding diet

To lose fat fast can be challenging, especially for a bride. It is tough to find time for yourself when you have so many tasks to complete. These easy pre-wedding diet tips can help you a lot. Enjoy your time as a bride and we are sure that you will look amazing on the D-day. How to lose fat fast? Check out these Best Dietitians in Delhi NCR here

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