From airbrush to HD bridal makeup, there are quite a lot many makeup techniques in the market nowadays. And, while weddings are once-in-a-lifetime affairs, it is important for a bride-to-be to look her best on her D-day. So, if you have already shopped for your dream wedding lehenga and matching jewellery, it’s time you do your bridal makeup research to get that BANG ON bridal look for your special day.

Confused between picking airbrush and HD makeup? Well, the airbrush foundation is quite thin compared to HD foundation. Therefore, brides who wish to get a natural look generally opt for airbrush makeup. However, many professional bridal makeup artists recommend HD makeup over airbrush makeup as it offers better scope for contouring and highlighting. Moreover, all types and colours of foundation are not available in airbrush makeup, thus limiting the choice of products and tones.

So, check out everything about HD bridal makeup and get sorted right away!

What Is HD Bridal Makeup?

Popularly known as High Definition makeup, it helps enhance one’s best features while concealing the flaws against the amount of texture and volume that can be captured by today’s HD camera lenses used by wedding photographers and videographers.

Gone are the days when it was almost impossible to hide blemishes, wrinkles, makeup breakouts on high definition cameras. Thanks to professional HD makeup products that lend a natural, non-cakey and a soft flawless bridal look.

HD bridal makeup

Image Source: Amrit Kaur  Artistry

Why Go For HD Makeup?

HD bridal makeup has quartz, silicon, mica and crystals in it which diffuses the light and creates an illusion of an even skin. This makeup technique looks sheer while still hiding the skin flaws like uneven texture, blemishes, pores, scars, etc. The products further seamlessly blend with the skin giving a flawless even skin tone and look.

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How HD Makeup Is Done?

Unlike Airbrush technique, HD makeup is done the traditional way i.e. using brushes and blending sponges. HD makeup products are designed in a specific way that they scatter light on the skin making it look softer and prettier.

HD bridal makeup

Image Source: Mannat Gill

Advantages Of HD Bridal Makeup

1. HD makeup comes with mattifying agents that prevent unwanted shine!

Yes, this makeup technique does wonders on oily skin tones. 

2. No special equipment required!

With easy to apply makeup brushes and blenders, you can do a simple touch-up yourself.

3. Cover blemishes

HD makeup hides any sign of acne or facial blemishes, especially on an HD camera. 

4. More ‘natural’ makeup look

Unlike other makeup techniques, HD bridal makeup helps you get a more natural effect.

HD bridal makeup

Image Source: Shradha Luthra

HD Makeup Vs Airbrush Makeup

HD makeup and Airbrush makeup are the most widely used makeup techniques by the bridal makeup artists. So, if you still have any doubts about these techniques, here are some other things that might help you decide your pick!

Application Technique

While HD makeup is blended well with the skin using the usual makeup brushes and sponges, Airbrush requires a special applicator brush also known as airgun. This special brush is used to apply coat on coats of light makeup. 

HD bridal makeup

Image Source: Shradha Luthra

Stay Duration

Airbrush Makeup stays intact for as long as 12-24 hours. Airbrush makeup products are water resistant than any other form of makeup. Whereas HD makeup doesn’t last as long as airbrush makeup.

Overall look

Airbrush makeup looks best on oily skins. The technique will not be a good choice for the brides with dry skin as it will give a flaky look as the foundation used is less creamy than the regular foundation. However, HD bridal makeup works well on every kind of skin hiding away all the blemishes and imperfections.

Bridal Makeup Cost

The average costs for HD makeup and Airbrush makeup are pretty much the same i.e. around INR 30K- INR 40K. The prices may vary for different professional makeup artists. Therefore, before you actually book a makeup artist, make sure you ask all the important questions including the cost of different pre bridal and bridal packages. 

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