Well, did you ever imagine that there will be a time when people would actually have Pandemic weddings. Coronavirus outbreak has literally affected half of the world and it has brought us to situations which we never imagined. In spite of all that and all the negativity, couples did not let that hamper their wedding and they still decided to get married. There is no other power greater than the power of love.

We at ShaadiWish have decided to bring you some heart warming stories of couples who have decided to start their forever in these hard times and have pandemic weddings. From video call to facebook live, you will find all kinds of weddings and we just love it.

Check Out These Pandemic Weddings That Will Make You Believe In The Power Of Love –

1. Ashley And Dalton

Ashley and Dalton got married on 23rd March in the Judge of the town’s sunroom porch as he could not make it to the courthouse. After that, the couple went to their venue which was reserved for 40 people or so but only 15 people turned up cycling in and out through the afternoon to say hello and congratulations from a distance.

Pandemic Weddings

quarantine weddings

Image Source: Carleigh Michelle Photography

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2. Ashley And Dave 

Both of them decided to get married with their friends and family members on facebook live and they had also decorated their bedroom. Isn’t that a great idea? The best part about their wedding was they also had a rehearsal one night before and they had written down their vows too. Not to miss the cute books and bookmarks as their wedding favors.

coronavirus wedding

online weddings

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3. Erin And Tony 

Another couple who did not let Coronavirus ruin their wedding. Erin and Tony exchanged their vows and started their forever on Zoom application with their loved ones. They said that they could postpone their wedding but not their marriage. We tru;y are getting goosebumps just by reading such meaningful stories from around the world.

Pandemic Weddings

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4. Pandemic Weddings That Will Leave You Teary Eyed

Jessica and Jordan had planned an elaborate, elegant wedding that was supposed to take place in downtown. COVID-19 may have prevented their guests from being able to attend in person but this couple’s love & determination conquered everything and they decided to still get married on their original wedding date, despite the pandemic. It was just the photographers, the couple and the minister in a small chapel with their friends & family watching on Zoom. We absolutely love how the couple used props for a fun wedding shoot and personalised their quarantine wedding.

quarantine weddings

quarantine weddings in Coronavirus

Image Source: Erin Hession

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Can you believe it? We just adore how these couples are staying strong during these hard times and still having pandemic weddings. Coronavirus actually showed us that love can heal anything and everything. We wish these couples a very happy married life ahead and for all those whose weddings have been postponed, just hang in there.

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