Makeup artists are the ultimate fairy godmother in every bride-to-be’s life. It’s amazing how, with a few brush strokes, they can magically create that perfect bridal look for your big day. And, as much as your wedding photographer is necessary to capture your once in a lifetime event, you cannot go without hiring a makeup artist. After all, the wedding pictures are forever and don’t want to spoil them with your uneven face texture or dark circles.

Though you may have shortlisted a few makeup artists already, consider avoiding these mistakes before hiring a bridal makeup artist!

1. Delaying Your Makeup Artist Bookings

The clock is ticking…NEVER think that there’s too much time left for your big day. Generally, good makeup artists get sold out 6 months in advance which means they won’t be available at the very last minute. Finally, check their availability well in advance along with the charges to book your slot.

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ShaadiWish Tip: It is highly advisable to make sure you ask the makeup artist, how many makeups they have on the day of your wedding or how many bridal makeups they usually take on one day. 

2. Not Researching About Your Makeup Artist Preferences

Be clear on the kind of makeup artist you are looking for i.e. whether you are interested to book a celebrity makeup artist, high-end MUAs, budding makeup artists or salons next door. Also, narrow down on your makeup artist list based on the kind of look you want, your budget and location. Do not just book the first one you come across. Take out time and effort to research and meet at least a few makeup artists. We also recommend booking different makeup artists for all occasions to get variant looks for your Instagram pictures. 

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ShaadiWish Tip: Make sure you check your potential makeup artist’s reviews and ratings before you actually book them.  It is vital also to rely on recommendations from real brides and check out the Instagram accounts of bridal makeup artists to see how they work.

3. Failing to Book A Makeup Trial

Checking their portfolio and reviews online is one thing but getting an actual makeover is another. So don’t skip scheduling a trial with your makeup artist. Since it is an important first step to ensure that you and your makeup artist are on the same page and get along well. 

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ShaadiWish Tip: While booking a makeup trial, check how many looks will the makeup artist try on and whether it is a paid trial. 

4. Not Asking The Relevant Questions

It is of vital importance that you make an informed decision while choosing the bridal makeup artist. Therefore, you must ask the right questions to know exactly what to expect on the wedding day. Never book a makeup artist without understanding the following:

  1. Who all works in your team?
  2. Who will style your hair? 
  3. Does the makeup artist do all the makeup?
  4. The products which will be used.
  5. The time they will take to get you ready
  6. Do they have any other bookings on the same day?

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ShaadiWish Tip: Prepare a list of important questions beforehand to ask your bridal makeup artist to avoid any kind of miscommunication.

5. Not Deciding On The Type Of Makeup You Want

It is important to be clear the type of makeup you want for your big day- HD or airbrush. Also, make sure you know exactly what kind of bridal look you want- minimalistic or OTT so that you don’t end up compromising on your most important day.

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ShaadiWish Tip: Once your bridal outfit is finalized, make sure you make an appointment with your makeup artist. Discuss the trending bridal looks which would complement your bridal dress and finalize the one which you like the most.

6. Asking About Deals & Discounts

Asking about what all services are included in your bridal package is one thing and wanting deals and discounts on them is another. Trust us, you don’t want them to give you big discounts at the cost of quality products and services they offer.

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7. Not Knowing About the Price Breakup

Since your wedding budget will include the cost of bridal makeup, it’s always a good idea to discuss the price breakup. Even if a particular makeup artist doesn’t fit your budget, don’t be afraid to still discuss what all services your bridal makeup would include. Also, ask them about the ongoing deals and discounts. 

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8. Forgetting About The Smaller Functions

Many brides-to-be just focus on discussing only their wedding day look from their makeup artist. Don’t forget that your pre wedding functions like sangeet, mehendi, engagement are equally important. So, fix up a meeting with your bridal MUA and discuss the different looks you want for your wedding functions including the price.

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ShaadiWish Tip: Your hair is as important as your bridal makeup. Make sure to include the hairstylist in your conversation since your hairstyles will largely define your bridal look for pre-wedding functions.

9. Not Knowing The Cancellation Policy

Make sure you know about their cancellation policy in case you cancel your booking or they can’t make it for some reason! 

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Avoiding the above mistakes can help you have the best makeup artist on board for your big day together with a great service experience.

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