All-clad in their quintessential bridal sarees with big and bold kohl-lined eyes, Bengali brides’ on point makeup (Instagrammable makeup face) is hard to achieve without a professional makeup artist. And, which makes us think that there aren’t many times when you actually spend on a makeup artist. So, ever thought how much does a bridal makeup cost in Kolkata

Well, just like your bridal outfit and jewellery, it too comes with a cost. But, it’s all worth it..since you have to look your best to slay your wedding day. Also, as it is one of the most important days in your life, you might be looking for the top bridal makeup artists in Kolkata. These professional makeup artists charge per hour/day basis with a lot of other factors keeping in mind.

So How Much Does A Bridal Makeup Cost In Kolkata?

The average bridal makeup cost in Kolkata typically ranges from INR 15K to INR 20K depending on both your location and the kind of makeup and hairstyling you wish to have.

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What All Services Are Included In Bridal Makeup Package?

Generally, bridal makeup cost in Kolkata includes hairstyling, makeup and outfit draping. When it comes to specifically choose your makeup, airbrush makeup typically comes with a higher price tag than traditional makeup application. The average cost of airbrush makeup is INR 15K while the average cost of traditional makeup is INR 10K. 

Further, while some makeup artists include the cost of makeup trials in their bridal makeup prices, some charge extra for such additional services.

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Is There Any Add On Bridal Makeup Cost In Kolkata?

Depending on your style, needs and budget, there are many different possible add-ons to bridal makeup packages.

  • There are certain makeup techniques and styles that might increase the cost of your bridal makeup. For example, false lashes may cost extra or adding massive hair extensions to your hair. When choosing your wedding day makeup style, be sure to factor in these additional costs.
  • If you want to get ready on venue, you may have to pay extra for them to travel to your wedding location. And if it’s a destination wedding, then you may have to pay even more.
  • Want your bridesmaids and other ladies of the house to get ready for your wedding with you? Well, in that case, you will again have to pay more for party makeup or family makeup. The average party makeup cost in Kolkata ranges from INR 5K to INR 8K per person.
  • Be ready to pay extra if you want your bridal makeup artist on the venue for constant makeup touch-ups throughout the wedding.

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How Early You Should Book Your Bridal Makeup Artist In Kolkata?

We recommend booking your makeup artist for at least three months before your wedding. After all, you may not want to miss onto your favourite makeup artist in Kolkata, courtesy their prior bookings and commitments.

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