Weddings are the most important events for every couple. The modern day weddings are all about extravagance, surprises and excitement that they generate amongst not just families but guests as well. And, since you only marry once, you are ought to make wedding planning mistakes. Because wedding planning ain’t no joke. With so many things to take care of, it’s normal to make little blunders and it’s okay. From picking that perfect wedding outfit to booking the right wedding vendors for your dream wedding, you need to keep in mind several things from small to big. 

wedding planning mistakes

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Also, either you are planning your wedding by yourself or hiring a wedding planner, it is possible to make mistakes.To help you out, we asked some of the top wedding planners to share couples’ biggest wedding planning mistakes. 

So, if you are already planning your big day, take a minute to get yourself through these common wedding planning mistakes to ensure you’re totally prepared for one!

1. Making Plans Before Setting a Budget

Unless you know your spend limits, any planning can go for a toss. Budgeting has to be segregated as well. Like spend on venues, food, travel and stay of guests, gifts, etc.

2. Not Considering The Weather Conditions On The Set Dates

Most dreaded thought of any family hosting a wedding is RAIN on D Day. Do not forget to consider weather conditions on the wedding day. Have a backup plan for rain and do consider extreme summers or severe winters to avoid such wedding planning mistakes.

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3. Underestimating the Cost of Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor affairs are always costlier as they tend to add not just elaborate and detailed decor but lights, sound, power backups etc.

wedding planning mistakes

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4. Planning A Too-Long Party

Many ceremonies and days of celebrations can give a tough time more than fun. So make your experience short, crisp and amazing.

5. Venue Crunch Has Been Noted As One Of The Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

Do consider the number of guests while closing the venue. After decor, the space crunch becomes a problem to fit in the guests properly, not giving them space to walk around and breathe.

6. Signing A Catering Contract Without Food Tasting

Amongst decor, arrangements and everything, wedding food is something people remember forever. Don’t finalize any caterer without a food tasting session and chalking out a detailed contract.

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7. Coordinating Outfits For Various Ceremonies

Outfit selection and coordination should be on point. Going overboard with anything can kill that special look you were looking for. Be it makeup, jewellery, accessories etc., everything is an important part of a bridal look and should be well thought of.

8. Thinking That At Least 10 Percent of Guests will RSVP “No”

Minimum Guarantee to the venue and caterer should be planned according to the guests list. Even if you are planning return gifts for guests, you should not think about taking a count less than the list, considering a NO from some percentage of people.

-Tips By Kaleerein By Kanika Kumria 

9. Wedding Planning Mistakes Like Not Keeping Time To Unwind.

With little to no time between one function to the next, your celebrations will see a steady drop in the energy-meter as the day passes by. Destination weddings are all about having a blast with your near and dear ones. Keep the functions spaced out so that guests, family and the couple can catch up on some time to relax and freshen up in between.

10. Micromanaging

Getting too involved in your own wedding planning is one of the biggest wedding planning mistakes that couples make. Leave it to the experts in detailing to effectively handle the nitty-gritty essentials along with a designated member of your family.

11. Not Personalizing Your Decor Style

Picking out the same old, done and dusted references from Pinterest or Instagram can give your guests a deja vu of having been part of a generic wedding previously. Aim at creating environments and experiences personal to your style and story.

12. Not Drinking Enough Water

Hydrate… Hydrate… Hydrate…and that’s what you need to make your wedding a hit. Amidst the merrymaking, downing cocktails and grooving with your friends, the couple and their close ones often miss out on the most important fluid your body needs – water. For glowing, wedding-ready skin and to keep your body going all day, we recommend staying hydrated whilst you celebrate.

-Tips By Purple Tree Events

13. Not Setting A Realistic Wedding Budget

Unrealistic expectations can lead to a lot of stress and increase in your wedding budget.

wedding planning tips

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14. Wedding Planning Mistakes Like Trying To Please Everyone

This is something which nobody could ever do. So, attempting to do this might take away the zeal and excitement from your ceremonies. Each ceremony should reflect you and your persona and should just not look like an added element without any life.

15. Doing Too Much In Too Little Time

Couples seem to underestimate what it takes to do back to back events for 2 to 3 days continuously. An icing on the cake, they go and plan an after party for two or three days in a whole different city and sometimes country with their friends.  Most of them just wish they hadn’t done it by the time the wedding is over.

– Tips By Divya Vithika Wedding Planners

16. Sending Out Save The Dates Without Finalizing The Guest List

A lot of couples send out the save the date in a hurry without having a final guest list. As a result, they often regret their decision as by then they already have too many guests in the list.

17. Not Hiring A Wedding Planner

Trying to plan a wedding on their own often makes the couple too stressed out that they are not able to enjoy their courtship period. Hiring a wedding planner lets you be stress free during the planning process.

wedding planning mistakes

-Tips By F5 Weddings

18. Getting Overwhelmed By Pinterest

Nowadays each and every bride and groom have their whole wedding mapped out on Pinterest. “A constant stream of ideas is great for getting you started, but it can also cause confusion and indecision if you aren’t careful.” Once you’ve made up your mind on something, stick to it. You’re always going to find new ideas, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Some of the DIY ideas do not work and a lot of the things you see, especially with weddings, are events with high budgets. 

wedding planning mistakes

19. Not Briefing Artists And Vendors

In Case you aren’t hiring a professional planner to help you out for your event, your responsibility will definitely increase and so make sure you delegate duties to friends and family who are helping you with your wedding. Very often wedding vendors like makeup artists and photographers need proper monitoring with scheduled reporting time and cut off time. The time spent getting ready should be as relaxed and fun as possible, but once you find yourself behind a schedule the pressure can be indefinable. Do a test run and talk with your stylist beforehand to figure out how much time you and your wedding party will need on the big day.

-Tips By Vogue Luxury Weddings

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