Is your wedding planned for the monsoon months? We know it sounds a bit confusing on how to go further with it. But, you need to relax and plan some out of the box ways to make it grand and less cumbersome. Monsoon weddings seem all fun and romantic, but when the planning part comes, it is not easy at all. Even though monsoon weddings have a special place in everyone’s heart, but it becomes quite stressful and planning them is altogether a task.

But, you don’t have to worry because we have got your back. Leave all your anxiety and stress as we are here with some quirky ideas and precautions that will help you host a grand wedding. Let’s begin:

1. Keep A Rain Check

Yes! This is important before you continue with the venue booking and all. And, these days, the weather forecast has become highly reliable. And, in case you aren’t aware of how to keep a check, then AccuWeather app will help you. It will make you check in advance whether it is going to rain on your wedding day or not. Isn’t it great?

monsoon wedding, weather check

2. Be Waterproof By Choosing The Right Venue

The most important thing that you must keep in mind while planning your monsoon wedding is to consider your wedding venue. Since monsoons can be unpredictable, you would not want to take chances with your wedding. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid open spaces, as rains can make your surroundings a little messy. Opting for indoor locations like banquets and hotels can be the right decision. But, before confirming your booking, check that there are no water logging problems in and around the venue, which can be your worst nightmare. Lucrative discounts can be an advantage for the venues during the rainy season, but you need to ask these questions from your venue vendor, before booking.

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3. Go For A Quirky Decor

Since most of the monsoon weddings happen indoors, it makes it necessary to choose the right decor. How about going quirky? Setting up small umbrellas as decor will keep your guests’ busy clicking pictures and enjoying the ambiance. We would also recommend you to keep it as bright as possible to bring in positive vibes.

monsoon wedding, decor

4. Serve Fresh Food

Humidity strengthens bacteria that can spoil your food. Ask your caterer to avoid serving food like mushrooms, spinach, seafood and other leafy vegetables as they can go bad quickly. This is one season where we would ask you to put your trust in preserved food. Go for bottled water and avoid too much open food.

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5. Why Not Umbrellas As Favors?

You can never have enough of umbrellas at a monsoon wedding. And, giving them as favors can be a great idea that even your wedding guests will appreciate. Having quirky umbrellas at the entry of the venue so that your guests don’t get drenched in the rain, is something you should not forget. You can personalize them with the theme of your wedding to keep it uniform.
Check out these wedding favors for your guests as well.

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar

6. The Flawless Bridal Look

This one is specifically for the bride. Make sure that your makeup is waterproof. Don’t layer your face with lots of foundation as humidity will make you sweat and your makeup will melt. You should prefer going for matte makeup and keep it simple. In any case before booking your makeup artist, do not forget to ask these questions from your makeup artist. Also, while planning for your bridal lehenga, make sure the length of your lehenga is not too long, keep it ankle length for obvious reasons. Instead of the high stiletto heels, we would recommend you to go for platform heels or wedges, as they will neither slip or get stuck in the wet sand.

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar

7. Flip Flops At The Wedding

We know it sounds quite funny, but isn’t it a great idea? Keep pairs of flip flops for your wedding guests so, they can remove their high heels and leather shoes and dance in them. They will even prevent them from falling. (your guests will not feel shy of wearing those too!)

flip flops, monsoon wedding

8. Power Backup

Do not take any chances with the supply of electricity. If it rains at your wedding, there are chances that the power will go out. So, have a strong backup that can provide enough electricity that the ceremony doesn’t suffer.

9. Make The Most Out Of It

Rainy weather provides the perfect setting for beautiful pictures. Once you are done with the ceremony, grab your partner and take them out in the rain. Get clicked in the beautiful weather. Your pictures will turn out really romantic.

Don’t get intimidated by the fear of the unknown or the ferocious winds. Embrace everything and prepare yourselves for a wonderful wedding. Monsoon weddings are one of a kind and you deserve to feel its magic. A few precautions can turn the weather in your favor. We are sure that you are going to have an amazing wedding. Good luck!

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